Episode 45 ~ Through Our Christmas Lens

Episode 45 ~ Through Our Christmas Lens

Episode 45 ~ Through Our Christmas Lens, Christmas photo ideas, ethics in photographyHo Ho Ho ‘n Stuff

We’ve already made you shiver with candy cane tingles over our gift suggestions for the photographer in your life during the holiday season. Now we’re back with some Christmas photo ideas and tips for making the most out of your holiday photos! But first …

In This Corner 

We don our boxing gloves and have a good ol’ fashioned debate on an always hot topic, ethics in photography. This time, our debate is based around a recent tragedy in the US, where the actions of one photographer have sparked many discussions surrounding his actions, raising the question, what would you do in his place.

Say Candy Cane!

There are many reasons to take Christmas photos, so we suggest some ideas you may not have thought of! I mean, could you imagine being at this holiday dinner and not having your camera with you? Hopefully our ideas, combined with your own, will make for some stellar and memorable holiday images! Note: we start the Christmas goodness at 23:52

Bits n’ Bites

Have we missed any holiday photo tips? Please share your own! Do you have any thoughts on ethics? Sure you do, so please chime in! Mac already got the discussion rolling on our Facebook page, and now we’re just waiting for some action! We’d love to hear your thoughts on the show, the topics, and whatever else comes to your photography driven minds. As always, we are chilling on the web in the Twitters, Google Plus, Facebook and of course, you can subscribe to our show via iTunes!

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Episode 40 ~ Fabulous At 40!

Episode 40 ~ Fabulous At 40!

Happy Birthday, Us!

Before we dive into social media, we had to celebrate a bit, as we’ve just turned 40 (Sept 26th), huzzah! Thanks to all of our listeners and supporters for tuning in, show after show. We truly couldn’t do it without your support and feedback. Hopefully the next year is even better and we’ll give you loads more content that will makes your ears and minds tingle, and having you itching to click the shutter and make some images and memories. Please keep the feedback coming, as well as any show ideas. We do the show for you all, as well as ourselves. We’re a lil’ narcissistic like that, you know!

Oh, Cheeky Canon

Of course, right after our last show, where we discussed a whole lineup of new gear, Canon announces their latest brainchild after we published the show! Have a listen as we discuss their latest body. Will it measure up? Hmmm …

Social Media Blitz

We’ve been threatening you all for a while with a long recap of my review on Colby Brown’s book, Google + For Photographers. Instead, we briefly discuss the book, and dive in a little deeper and break down some of the available social media options for photographers. Tune in and see if you agree with us and have any opinions and possibly other SM platforms we are missing! If you’re on social media, head to our Facebook and link us up so we can keep in touch with you, or leave us a comment here.

Murphy, The Stalker

Murphy’s Law has made its presence once again during the show. This is my techie plea to you: if you have any suggestions / alternatives to recording podcasts using Skype, please let us know! Drop us a comment, tweet or leave a message on G+ or Facebook. We’d ever be so happy and appreciative.

Bits ‘n Bites

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