Episode 190 »» Travel Photography with Mitch Stringer

Episode 190 »» Travel Photography with Mitch Stringer

Image by ©Mitch Stringer.

Image by ©Mitch Stringer.

Triple Threat 

To say the least. We were happy to have long-time listener and friend to the show, Maryland photographer Mitch Stringer, on for a great chat about travel photography, which is a genre so many of us enjoy and do ourselves. We also touched on his sports, wildlife and other photography adventures. Please join us as we hear about Mitch’s extensive travels, his interesting stories and how he goes about living a photographic life.

Image by ©Mitch Stringer.

Image by ©Mitch Stringer.

Image by ©Mitch Stringer.

Image by ©Mitch Stringer.

Image by ©Mitch Stringer.

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Huge thanks to Mitch for coming on the show and sharing your photography world with us. Make sure you check out his work!

Thanks so much as always for tuning in, friends! We always appreciate the support and the conversations!

Cheers, y’all!


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Episode 84 »» Photography Backlog

Episode 84 »» Photography Backlog

We discuss a number of topics in episode 84, such as traveling light w/ your gear, photography backlog, as well as answering a couple of Twitter questions! Batshite Crazy Sale in Zeissland

We talk about a crazy sale going on with Zeiss Touit E and X mount lenses (12mm and 32mm), but the pages for the sale at The Camera Store have been taken down and instead of August, it looks like it ended June 6th, 2014. Boo. Sorry, folks – we don’t know what the issue was, but at the time of this post, prices are back to normal. It looks like the sale might still be on at B&H. Shop at your own risk, ha! Hopefully if you were in the market, you were able to snag a lens or two at the killer price.

Tweet Tweet

We answer a couple of Twitter questions on processing and gear choices. Huge thanks to the two Davids for the tweets / DMs. Hopefully we’ve answered your questions!

Traveling Light

Mac updates us on his travel adventures with his mirrorless system! Who are we kidding? We know it’s Fuji, riiiight!

Challenge Overkill?

An article from one of the greatest Canadian landscape photographers, Darwin Wiggett, left us scratching our big ol’ noggins. We discuss his decision to join his partner’s kill-the-clutter challenge with regards to their massive backlog of unprocessed images. I’d guess most photographers one time or the other find themselves in a quandary with faced with photography backlog, but how many have the confidence to set a deadline to catch up and then delete the images which have been left untouched? Please have a listen as we go back and forth over Darwin’s blog post.

Bits n’ Bites

How do you travel light when it comes to your photography? Do you have any tips or tricks for doing so? Please share the wealth with your fellow listeners! Do you think we should care when other photographers make a decision about their photography? And why do we care? Should the impact matter at all? How do you handle your photography backlog? Have you ever made such a bold decision as we discussed on the show? Oh, the questions.

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Episode 70 »» Travellin’

Episode 70 »» Travellin’

Sitka_Alaska, episode 70, shutter time with sid and mac, travel photography, michael van der tol, http://michaelvandertol.com

Sitka, Alaska by Michael Van der Tol

A Familiar Face

And voice! Our good friend, Michael Van der Tol, stopped by the ol’ Shutter Time bunker for a chat about photography … travel photography in particular! It was great to have him back on the show. It’s been a year since we first had Michael on the show, so please have a listen to that interview if you haven’t done so yet! This time we were less formal and we focused on travelling with your camera, which is something Michael loves to do. You should definitely check out his work!

Flickr Books, eh?

Ah, yes … Flickr has introduced a new product. It’s not a change to their site (phew, enough already!), but this time a dandy product that will make Canadians leap for joy. But not really. The folks of Flickr have rolled out their Flickr books …. but before you start clicking away, have a listen and see who is eligible to create and receive these books. Having a Flickr account is simply not enough, y’all …

The Big Beast

Someone has a new toy and it’s a big boy. Heh.

mac lens-big beast comparison

Travel Photography, Y’all 

It’s one of those never ending topics and even though we’ve discussed it before, we take to the mics and revisit this kind of photography with our pal, Michael! We cover a few tips, a few stories, some aspects we don’t always think about when prepping for a trip, but we definitely cannot forget, and more. Please join us as we kick back for a great chat!

The Audio Stylings of Uncle Murphy

He has returned. Again. The bastard.

Bits n’ Bites

We would love to hear your tips, tricks, stories and more about travel photography! What are your thoughts on the new Flickr books? Anything else on your mind, photography wise? As always, you can find us on TwitterFacebookGoogle Plus, via Stitcher and of course, you can subscribe for free on iTunes!

A big thanks to Michael Van der Tol for hanging out with us for a couple of hours! Thanks as always for tuning in, folks! We appreciate every listen / download. Truly.

Cheers, y’all!


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Google Street Views – Parks Canada (National Parks)

Google Street Views – US National Parks and Parks Canada