Episode 41 ~ Third Party Lenses

Episode 41 ~ Third Party Lenses

Shutter Time With Sid and Mac Episode 41 ~ Third Party LensesHolding Hands

Before we start yapping about third party lenses, we have to say, it’s been a nice change of pace to see photographers coming together, whether just for friendly chit chat when out shooting or to band together for a passionate project. Therefore, we briefly chat about the goodness of all things photographers. Aw. 

It’s A Party, Yo!

Maybe not the kind of party you were hoping for, but we discuss the pros of looking outside of the norm and using third party lenses, as well as swapping out different brand lenses on different bodies. What, Canon on Nikon? Say it isn’t so!

Bits ‘n Bites

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Thanks as always for tuning in. As our old friend, Missy, would say, knuckles across the net, yo!

Cheers, y’all!


Links from the show:

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