Episode 94 »» Chatting With Dominick Chiuchiolo

Episode 94 »» Chatting With Dominick Chiuchiolo

Dominick Chiuchiolo photography, Episode 94 »» Chatting With Dominick Chiuchiolo

Image by Dominick Chiuchiolo

Oh So Very Late

We are hella late with publishing the show and for that, we are sorry, y’all! An clusterduck line up of events decided to give Uncle Murphy a run for his money and well, here we finally are. Phew.

Listener Meet Co-hosts 

One of our longtime listeners agreed to come on the show for a good ol’ fashioned chat with us! Please have a listen as we get to know the wonderful and interesting chap behind the lens and cool New York accent! We cover it all – Dom’s photography, his passion for his craft, why he doesn’t blog, printing his work, gear chat (mmmm…gear) and more!

PhotoPlus Expo   

Photoplus is here and lucky Dominick is heading to the trade floor to check out the goods! There’s been some whispers Canon might make an announcement … let’s see what holds true!

Join the Convo

Are you heading to the Photoplus? If you’re a Fuji shooter – what are you most looking forward to from their roadmap? Do you print your work for not only yourself, but friends and family as well? Big thanks to Dom and Udo for all the comments on the blog of late, btw!

Thanks so much for tuning in, y’all, and a huge thank and cheers to Dom for coming on the show! We had a great time!

Cheers, y’all!


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