Episode 83 »» Revisiting Critique

Episode 83 »» Revisiting Critique

Shutter Time with Sid and Mac, Episode 83 »» Revisiting Critique, podcast, photography, yegphoto, yegcasts

Spot the Co-Host

As we know, Mac participated in the Fuji Guys’ snowy photo walk earlier in the month in Calgary. A quickie video was uploaded to YouTube and as long as you don’t blink, you’ll snag a glimpse of Mac and his Fuji!

Photography FUNdamentals, Y’all 

Yup, once again we are giving a quick shout-out to Moose Peterson, his Moose Press app and the fantastic iPad book, Photography FUNdamentals! He blogged about it a couple weeks ago as a reminder it’s been updated and …wait for it … still FREE! Thanks, Moose! Do yourself a fave and download the app and kicking book and if you can, send some feedback Moose’s way.

Commander Hadfield, Photographer

We have spoken about Cmdr. Hadfield’s breathtaking photography and the powerful images he made from space, but this time, we are congratulating Hadfield on the special distinction he received from the Professional Photographers of Canada. Maybe take a moment and tweet him a congrats on Twitter for a job well done, eh?  If you’re interested, his upcoming photography book can be pre-ordered at various sources! If you need a reminder of just how awesome Cmdr. Hadfield is, google Space Oddity, as I’m sure it’s still up somewhere in YouTube land after the official copy was taken down this month.

You Talking To Me?

An episode of The Grid, focusing on the power of unsolicited critique, left Mac and I pretty much in separate corners of the boxing ring, ready to hash it out. If you haven’t already, take an hour or so and watch episode 141. It’s a great episode and we thank Scott and Matt for bringing it to the attention of other photographers.

Bits ‘n Bites

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the show! Will you be picking up Cmdr. Hadfield’s upcoming book? Where do you stand with critique, invited or unsolicited? Please chime in as we’re always wanting more opinions.

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Episode 61 »» Lost In Digital Translation

Episode 61 »» Lost In Digital Translation

Before we dive in the sea of digital photography, we take care of some business ….

Episode 61 »» Lost In Digital Translation, shuttertime with sid and mac, sidney blake photography, digital photography

Moose Press » Revisited 

That’s right, folks! Moose Peterson makes sure he keeps the FUN in Photography FUNdamentals by making his latest ebook accessible to all. Tune in for an update.

Sony & Fuji Chat, Our Kickin’ Listeners and More!

Mac has some beef with his Sony NEX and the Milky Way and needed to chat about it. We also chat about a couple of X-Pro 1 happenings! One of our awesome and oh-s0 patient listeners, Chris Tan, asked us a question and we finally answer it on the show.

Is Photography Unforgettable?

This is a tough, tough subject to tackle, as everyone has an opinion on whether we take too many photos, and if we do take photos, are we effectively doing so? Does every photograph need to tell the viewer a story? A recent article in the Globe and Mail fired us up and we took to our mics in an attempt to dissect this tricky topic. Please tune in and see if you agree or disagree with us or the judges opinions / decisions as mentioned in the article. We somehow became lost in audio translation with our rambles (it happens!) as we made our way through this topic, but hopefully you will have something to think about at the end of the show!

Bits n’ Bites:

What are your thoughts on the amount of photographs we take? Do you think we are overdoing it? Why or why not? If you’re a Sony NEX user, have you run into the same issues as Mac did, or better yet, do you have a solution? Are you excited for focus peaking to hit the little Fuji X-Pro 1?

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Thanks as always for tuning in, folks! Special shout-out to Alan, Chris and Andrew! Rawr.

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Lost In Digital Translation Article / The Globe and Mail

First Known Photograph of a Human – Paris 1838 / PetaPixel

2013 Banff Mountain Photography Competition 

Episode 59 »» The Neighbors or Peeping Toms?

Episode 59 »» The Neighbors or Peeping Toms?

Before we get a little creeptastic and touch on intrusive photography … we get to some FYI goodness and updates …. 

shutter time with sid and mac, shutter time, podcast, photography, 2013, yegphotoshutter time with sid and mac, shutter time, podcast, photography, 2013, yegphoto

Moose Press, Yo!

That’s right, folks … Moose Peterson has provided us with some more treats, this time in iBook version. Have a listen as we give you the FYI on this latest Moose resource! Update: Moose kindly informed us the additional updates to this book, like the book itself, Photography FUNdamentals, will be free! Cheers, Moose! 

Still Fujilicious

As current and former owners of the Fuji X-Pro 1, we are still talking about this gem of a camera, so our ears perk up whenever there is a juicy rumour floating around. We briefly touch on what’s possibly around the corner …. tune in to see if this is really juicy or not!

In This Corner

You guessed it … we don our boxing gloves and jump in the ring for another discussion — heated at times — over the blurred line of right and wrong of intrusive photography. Perhaps this isn’t the right term, but to quickly break it down before you tune in: photographers using their telephoto lenses to peek in your homes, taking photos of your routine, labelling them as art and selling these images in galleries or books, etc. We cover this and more, so please tune in and check it out!

Bits n’ Bites

Do you have any great resources for photographers you might want to share? Perhaps you know of some hidden and not so hidden gems on the net. Please link us up and share the wealth! Right or wrong — we’d love to know your thoughts on the debate we had tonight. It’s a slippery slope in the eyes of many, so please chime in!

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