Episode 131 »» Nik and Nick

Episode 131 »» Nik and Nick

Episode 131 »» Nik and Nick

Where’s Vivian 

Netflix US has been streaming Finding Vivian Maier for about a month now, though Canada has yet to join in on the fun. Small gripe, but it’s irritating all the same. If I had to guess, it would be licensing issues. I mean, why else would The West Wing, Mad About You and Degrassi Junior High disappear from Netflix Canada and have yet to return? The pain is real.

Say What, Google?

Many photographers are delighted to hear Nik software – or should we say Nik Collection by Google has dramatically dropped their price to FREE, y’all. Sounds great and all, but this has some longtime fans of the software concerned about its future. We discuss what this could mean for users of this great collection. We also briefly touch on their old podcast, Nik Radio. If you have yet to check it out, think about doing so whilst the episodes are still available!

Head Scratcher 

There are many talented photographers – well known figures to varying degrees – who make incredibly beautiful and compelling images. Then there are some who also do this, but on a different level. After viewing the latest series from Nick Brandt, Inherit the Dust, I pretty much drove Mac crazy for at least two weeks asking him HOW Nick did it? It’s more than tools, time and skill. How did Joe McNally do it – particularly in 2001 and again in 2011? How can some of these photographers take their images to a whole other level when it comes to story telling and evoking insane levels of emotion? Please join us as Mac tries to understand my question and we try to answer it.

Join the Convo

Have you seen Finding Vivian Maier yet? It’s been a while since we’ve chatted about the film, so we’d love to hear your thoughts about it. Are you going to grab Nik by Google software now that it’s free? And if you’re a fan of the software, are you concerned about its fate? Are there any photographers or even images in general that leave you not only in awe and perhaps allow your emotions to reach another level, but also leave you wondering how they do what they do? We’d love to hear some names and how you feel about their work and more! You can find us Bookface and Twitter! You can also subscribe free via iTunes and Stitcher.

Thanks as always for tuning in!

Cheers, y’all!

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Nick Brandt – Inherit the Dust

Joe McNally Photography

Faces of Ground Zero Giant Polaroids, 2001 / by Joe McNally

Faces of Ground Zero Giant Polaroids, Updated 2011 / by Joe McNally

Michael Kenna 



Episode 56 »» Creative Cloud & Mac’s Starbucks Chat

Episode 56 »» Creative Cloud & Mac’s Starbucks Chat

Episode 56, shutter time with sid and mac, podcast, yegphotoAdobe

Before we launch Mac’s Starbucks chat with our Shutter Time friend, Alan Schietzsch, we of course contribute to the buzz of all things Adobe. In the past week, they’ve made a number of photographers very happy while ruffing the feathers of many more. It’s no secret there will be no CS7 (dry your eyes) and instead, have thrown their photoshop goodness up in a cloud and we just need to fork over the cash for a subscription to access said goodness. A good business move by Adobe or sneaky step? Tune in and hear what we think.

Mmmm … Starbucks

Mac decided to leave the ol’ Shutter Time bunker and venture off for a good ol’ fashioned photography chat with one of our listeners, Alan. Because they chatted at Starbucks, you get the noise of a hopping cafe, but if you can get past it, you will find a great photo conversation between two artists. Better yet, have a listen to their chat as you drive to Starbucks! Thanks again, Alan, for continuing to listen to our rambles and offering us your feedback and being a great friend to the show.

Bits n’ Bites

What are your thoughts about Adobe’s latest announcement? Will you be subscribing to the cloud if you aren’t already using it? Will this impact your workflow or are you like me and it won’t have any impact? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so please chime in! What did you think about the Starbucks chat between the boys? Do you also have that struggle with finding a story when making an image? Please drop us a line! You can find us on TwitterFacebookGoogle Plus, via Stitcher and of course, you can subscribe for free on iTunes!

Thanks for tuning in, y’all!


Note: the audio player is located after the following images

Below are Alan’s images from the chat:

Fort McMurray Water Bombing - Alan Schietzsch

Fort McMurray Water Bombing – Alan Schietzsch

Alan Schietzsch

Alan Schietzsch

Alan Schietzsch

Alan Schietzsch

Alan Schietzsch

Alan Schietzsch

by Alan Schietzsch

by Alan Schietzsch



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Adobe Creative Cloud :: Press Release

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Lightroom 4

Nik Collection by Google


Episode 44 »» The Return Of The Christmas Bag

Episode 44 »» The Return Of The Christmas Bag

Shutter Time 2012 Holiday Gift Guide for Photographers

Santa’s New Bag, 2012

Before we start dishing on the Shutter Time 2012 Holiday gift guide photographers will love, we have a few things to crunch over first. Have a listen as we discuss a couple of headscratchers that led Mac to Facebook and Google Plus to start a discussion to hear your thoughts.

Oh, Canada

Decades following the US initiative on protecting the copyright of images taken by photographers for commissioned work, Canada stepped up, eh? We briefly talk about the impact for photographers.

Candy Cane Delight

We start the Christmas portion of the show at 27:49. We came up with 5 gifts each we think would make excellent choices for the photographer in your world, including yourself! Nothing wrong with a little gift giving to the hardest working photographer you know, right?

Bits n’ Bites

Do you have any gift ideas to add to our list? What are your thoughts about the updates to Bill C-11 for Canadian photographers? Did Sony Australia slaughter their photography fanbase with their latest Unfit to DSLR campaign? If you have any thoughts about this show, join in the discussion online or leave a comment here! We are of course on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Don’t forget we are on iTunes where you can subscribe for free.

Just another note — we of course respect the opinion of others, and we thank other photographers for lending their voice to the discussion of photography, whether we may agree or not with them. It’s a beautiful thing when we can check egos at the door and just chat about the subject we all love most.

Thanks as always for tuning in. Truly! We appreciate you taking the time out of your busy lives to listen to our show. I’m all a quiver just thinking about it. Thank you, thank you!

Cheers, y’all!


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Nikon D600 Body

Mirrorless bodies: Sony NEX 6 or Fujifilm X-E1

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