Episode 24 ~ Traveling With Your Camera

Episode 24 ~ Traveling With Your Camera

Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag

Bags are on our minds and we go over some of the best bags we have come across, as well as some of the challenges trying to find the right bag. Oh yeah.

Moose Peterson Hits the iPad

After a year in the making, Moose’s BT Journal goes digital! We talk (swoon) over the latest from Moose! (note: worth every penny)


As a follow up to our last show on night photography, Mac quickly discusses Canon’s latest body to be released. This one has a special purpose, so have a listen to find out about the goods!

Travel Photography

Whether you are heading only a few hours out of town or are planning a trek halfway around the world, there’s always a ton to consider. We chew over some of the basics to help get you started!

Thanks as always for tuning in!

Cheers, y’all!


Links from the show:

Moose Peterson – BT Journal

Canon 60Da Body

Domke Bags

Billingham Bags

Think Tank Bags

Lowepro Bags

Michael Mauro – Camera gear + bags


Episode 16 ~ Feeding Your RSS | Part I

Episode 16 ~ Feeding Your RSS | Part I


When Opportunity Knocks

Back in November, Moose Peterson dropped by the Googleplex to have a chat about photography. We dish on my reaction (after watching the video) to his killer presentation and audience participation.

The Shutter Time Top 10 

This may not be the normal top ten list most of us are used to, but we each pulled 5 of our must read photo blogs from our RSS feeds and discussed why these 10 photographers have grabbed our attention. Have a listen (and check out their work!) and let us know what you think about these talented folks! No worries – you’re not seeing double as you read below; we had one photographer who snagged a spot on both of our lists. I hope he feels the love.

Our Random Top 10 (as presented on the show):

John Batdorff – Landscape and Travel Photographer

Jake Peterson – Wildlife / Aviation / Landscape

Christa Meola – Boudoir 

Dan Jurak – Alberta Landscapes

Dan Jurak – Alberta Landscapes

Wayne Simpson – Landscapes / Weddings / Portraits

Joshi Daniel Photography – People

Laurie Excell – Wildlife / Landscapes

Michael Van der Tol Photography – Fine Art

John E. MarriottWildlife

Bits ‘n Bites

Next week we’ll be having our friend, Terry O’Riordan join us on the show for a chat! We can’t wait to dish with him. We’d love to hear which photographers are a must read on your RSS feed! Please share the goods and link them up. We’re always chilling around Twitter and have started a Google Plus page, so drop by and say hello, would ya?! Word on the street is we might be making our way to Facebook. How old school of us, right? We’ll keep you posted!

Thanks as always for tuning in!

Cheers, y’all!


Links from the show:

Moose Peterson – Google Talks (Video)

Moose Peterson – Google Talks (Post)