Episode 81 »» Why Are We Photographers?

Episode 81 »» Why Are We Photographers?

Before we start dishing about the world of photographers, we have some mini-gear chat!

Episode 81 »» Why Are We Photographers? Shutter Time With Sid and Mac podcast discuss the reason and growing trend of folks declaring themselves a photographer because they simply enjoy taking pictures.

The L Word(s)

Leica has annoyed Mac once again, so he shares with us his feelings about their latest release, the Leica T system. While Leica has aggravated Mac, Lytro with their latest release, LYTRO ILLUM, has caught his interest. We hear this thoughts on this one as well.


Like many others, we’ve noticed an increasing trend on social media with people saying they are ‘Instagram Photographers’ or ‘Professional Instagrammers” or “Passionate Photographer, but I don’t care about the art of photography” Why does this bug many of us? Not for the snotty reasons one might think … so we took to our mics to hash out yet another difficult topic — why does everyone feel the need to be a photographer today? With so many ‘photographers’ today, has this altered your perception of a true artistic photographer? So many questions. Please join us as we tumble our way through this topic.

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