Episode 57 »» Flickr, The Pitts and Co.

Episode 57 »» Flickr, The Pitts and Co.

… before we dive in with Flickr’s changes … 

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Sheep Photography + Test Drives + Canon

Canon did it again! They teased us for a long, long time and they have finally released their latest ooh la la lens, the 200-400mm ƒ4, so you know we have a few things to say about that!

Brad Pitt anyone? His 2008 images from a magazine spread have popped up again. I’m not sure why, but they have and it’s left folks weighing in on his talent … Are these photos indicative of his mad photo skills or are they just a bunch of grainy family snaps?

Hey, wanna go for a test drive, y’all? If you are in America and you meet the requirements, you might be able to in the form of a bag from Think Tank Photo. They’ve come up with something a little unique, so have a listen and see if you fit the bill.

Oh, Flickr. You Didn’t!

I guess I should say oh Marissa, you DIDN’T? Some huge, HUGE changes were made to the Flickr photo sharing site. The response has definitely been split and it’s left photographers everywhere buzzing. We go through the changes and we share our reactions on said change.

Bits n’ Bites

OK, here come the questions … what are your thoughts about the Canon 200-400mm ƒ4 lens? Would you shell out your hard earned cash on this lens, or any lens in the same price bracket? What are your thoughts about Brad Pitt’s photography? Does his fame influence your opinions of his work? Flickr — what’cha think about their huge change? Are they going in the right direction or alienating too many photographers? Please chime in and let us know what you think!

Staying Social, Y’all

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Cheers, y’all!


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Episode 48 ~ Gear, the Final Frontier

Episode 48 ~ Gear, the Final Frontier


Space the Canadian Frontier

You might wonder, how a country of 20 can have it’s own Space Agency… we do.  We also are very proud of Commander Chris Hadfield, a Canadian astronaut currently living aboard the International Space Station (ISS).  What’s really cool about this, is that he has been taking stunning photographs of our little world from up there. These stunning photographs and more can be found at his twitter account.  So, go follow him right now!  We also found some apps that you can use to follow the ISS in the skies, and when it’s overhead, go outside and wave.  Maybe you’ll end up in one of his images!

ISS Tracker for Android

NASA App for iOS


There were a lot of new things at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, that made us smile, and a few that made us cringe. One of those was the new Polaroid IM1836, an Android based camera with interchangeable lenses.  Also the new Canon PowerShot N, makes Sid roll her eyes, but Mac thinks it’s kinda cute.  Of course the Fuji rumors came true and the replacement for the X100 is here, with all the glory of focus peaking, phase and contrast detection AF, and other cool features.  What makes us scratch our heads in wonder is the fact that this is a fixed lens camera, with the fastest AF… so what’s the focus peaking for??

Why do we upgrade our gear?

Since we are talking about gear, and all this new gear makes us salivate, like Pavlov’s puppy… we have to ask ourselves why do we upgrade our gear??  Do we have to upgrade, or is it just a clever ploy, by the camera manufacturers, to spend more and more…

Thank you All for listening!


Links from the Show

Commander Chris Hadfield

ISS Tracker for Android

NASA App for iOS

Polaroid IM1836

Canon PowerShot N

Fuji X100S

Pro Photographer Cheap Camera Challenge

Darwin Wiggett – Using your zoom lens for story telling

Episode 47 ~ Giving Back / Volunteer Work

Episode 47 ~ Giving Back / Volunteer Work

shutter time with sid and mac, shutter time, podcast, photography, 2013, giving back, charity, volunteer work, podcasters, itunes, shutter, images, charityOh, Those Rumours 

Before we dive in with volunteer work, we have to get some gear chat over with first! Of course with CES 2013 only hours away, the rumours continue to swarm over expected announcements from Fuji and Sony. Have a listen as we discuss what the possibilities are for potential gear goodness.

Your Camera + Your Time

There is something rather inspirational about photographers (or any volunteers in any capacity) who give their time and use their talent for the greater good. With a brand new year, we figured it would be a great topic to think about what you can do in 2013 to make an impact. Tune in for some ideas and hear about some wonderful photographers who are already leading by example.

Bits & Bites

Have you ever volunteered your time and photography in the past? We’d love to hear about it! Or maybe you are already planning to do so or will be inspired to make a difference. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this or any matter, of course! Please join in the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or this blog. As always, iTunes is just waiting for your subscription to our little ol’ show.

Happy New Year, friends and listeners alike! We thank you so much for continuing to tune in!

Keep on clicking! (I threw this one in just for you, Mac!)

Thanks for listening!

Cheers, y’all!


Links from the show:

CES 2013

Fuji Leaks  (Update: no longer just a rumour? Hmmm.)

Help Portrait :: Help Portrait Edmonton (YEG)

The Giving Lens

LoNola Kathleen Stone – Portraits of Pound Dogs / via PetaPixel


Episode 33 ~ Instagramming Your Life, Yo!

Episode 33 ~ Instagramming Your Life, Yo!

Xtrafolio App 

Before we dive into instagramming your life, we chat about another app on our minds today. Have a listen to see what the latest is with this iPad portfolio app update, 2.0.1 …

Ahhhh, Fuji.

The big bad boys of Fuji made an announcement for an upcoming release to their wildly popular X-Pro 1 line. Join us as we discuss what’s coming down the pipe!

In This Corner

The boxing gloves are ON! Tune in as we take opposing sides in the ongoing Instagram debate. Does Instagram really have a place in professional photography?

Bits ‘n Bites

Seriously, you want to keep tuning in, as we have some fantastic shows lined up. Oh…yeah! What are your thoughts on the art of instagramming and any kind of smartphone (don’t make me write it) photography? Are you instagramming your world? As always, you can find us at the following place on the internets: Facebook, Google +, Twitter and of course, subscribe for free with iTunes!

Thanks as always for tuning in! Y’all are the shizz, you know!

Cheers, y’all!


Links from the show:


Fuji X-Pro 1

Episode 25 »» Lenses, Lenses, Lenses

Episode 25 »» Lenses, Lenses, Lenses

Episode 25 »» Lenses, Lenses, Lenses

Dry Your Eyes

This will be our last show for a couple weeks, as Mac and I have been lured out of the Shutter Time bunker to work on some projects. We will be back behind the mics in the first week of May. During our mini-absence, why not listen to some of our older shows? You know you want to! 

Glass 101 

Thanks to requests from a couple of our listeners, we decided to have a show focusing on lenses. It’s not your average lens buying guide where we compare all brands, but rather we break down some of the most important factors when shopping around for new glass as well as list some of the best choices for portraits, weddings, etc. There’s nothing better than a sweet piece of glass to get you out shooting, so have a listen! Oh yeah!

Bits ‘n Bites

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If you have any feedback or future show ideas, please leave a comment!

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Cheers, y’all!


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