Episode 51 ~ Chasing Light – Does It Really Matter?

Episode 51 ~ Chasing Light – Does It Really Matter?

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Before we get right to the matter of chasing light in photography, we first touch on something else. The night we recorded this, it was Anti-Bullying Day here in Canada. Please check out the link at the bottom of the post if you need to be further educated on the topic. We bring this up because bullying is often found in the photography world, as frustrating as that is, and we hope to see change in our industry.

Getting Yeggie With It

Cheers to the folks behind The Edmonton New Media Awards! Mac and I have been nominated in the Arts & Culture category! We appreciate giving our little ol’ podcast some attention to the good folks of Edmonton and area. Congrats to all the other nominees and a little shout out to a fellow podcast based on the movies, Jay n’ J! Stayed tuned, as the awards are dished out May 4th!

Light — Does It Matter?

Based on a post I found last month on Google Plus, we decided to bring it to the show and discuss the obvious question, does light really matter in photography? Imagine our surprise when we saw some folks chiming in with the mindset that light doesn’t matter and isn’t essential in photography. Btw, we give mad props to those involved in the thread for keeping it relatively decent. For such strong, varying opinions, it was great to see photographers treat each other with respect.

Bits n’ Bites, Yo!

Where do you stand on today’s world of photography and the tone online conservations can take? Do you participate in posts and threads where the mood suddenly turns ugly, and if so, how do you handle it? Light — what’s your take on it? Do you see your subject first or do you see the light first. Why?

Special Shout Out

To all photographers who have been bullied or made to feel less adequate because of your work and / or opinions, just know what makes a true photographer is not only talent and skill, but also ethics and generosity towards your fellow photographers, photography enthusiasts, and your fellow human beings. Those with your best intentions in mind will encourage you to keep on shooting and sharing your work. Uh, awkward group hug?

Staying Social

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Episode 40 ~ Fabulous At 40!

Episode 40 ~ Fabulous At 40!

Happy Birthday, Us!

Before we dive into social media, we had to celebrate a bit, as we’ve just turned 40 (Sept 26th), huzzah! Thanks to all of our listeners and supporters for tuning in, show after show. We truly couldn’t do it without your support and feedback. Hopefully the next year is even better and we’ll give you loads more content that will makes your ears and minds tingle, and having you itching to click the shutter and make some images and memories. Please keep the feedback coming, as well as any show ideas. We do the show for you all, as well as ourselves. We’re a lil’ narcissistic like that, you know!

Oh, Cheeky Canon

Of course, right after our last show, where we discussed a whole lineup of new gear, Canon announces their latest brainchild after we published the show! Have a listen as we discuss their latest body. Will it measure up? Hmmm …

Social Media Blitz

We’ve been threatening you all for a while with a long recap of my review on Colby Brown’s book, Google + For Photographers. Instead, we briefly discuss the book, and dive in a little deeper and break down some of the available social media options for photographers. Tune in and see if you agree with us and have any opinions and possibly other SM platforms we are missing! If you’re on social media, head to our Facebook and link us up so we can keep in touch with you, or leave us a comment here.

Murphy, The Stalker

Murphy’s Law has made its presence once again during the show. This is my techie plea to you: if you have any suggestions / alternatives to recording podcasts using Skype, please let us know! Drop us a comment, tweet or leave a message on G+ or Facebook. We’d ever be so happy and appreciative.

Bits ‘n Bites

Come hang out with us in our social media nests on the internets. Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and of course, please subscribe to us for free on iTunes!

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Episode 7 »» Douchebaggery in Photography?

Episode 7 »» Douchebaggery in Photography?

Happy Mac

He updates us on his Snapseed app (from Nik) woes!

When Worlds Collide

The fine line where the old school, real world of photographers and the growing trend of famed Internet photographers was drawn is becoming blurred of late with the increasing numbers of Google + photographers taking the world of photography by storm. What’s all the fuss about? With the colliding worlds of photographers, we are also seeing another trend evolving – online bullying in photography. Is this really acceptable in our photography community? We chew over just this and more!

Bits ‘n Bites

Techie woes: Skype has been challenging us the past few episodes, so please bear with us during some of the audio blips here and there. We’re on a mission to come up with a resolution!

Thanks again for the feedback. We appreciate it and we’re thrilled you keep tuning in for more.

Thanks for tuning in!

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Links from the show:

Nik’s Snapseed iPad App