Episode 98 »» It’s Fuji Time, Y’all

Episode 98 »» It’s Fuji Time, Y’all


Shutter Time With Sid and Mac Podcast, Episode 98 »» It's Fuji Time, Y'all, fuji x-t1 firmwareHo Ho Holy Fuji Is Awesome

As we wind down the year, we thought being Fuji X shooters ourselves, we should be covering the release we’ve all been waiting for: the Fuji X-T1 firmware update to 3.00.  Yowsa! Speaking of Fuji, make sure to check out the latest Fuji X Mount lens roadmap for the upcoming news of 2015! Speaking of Fuji….again…please take a moment to check out the work of Official Fuji X Photographer, Marco Larousse.

Episode 100 is Coming

Hey, have a listen and see what you need to do to win free prints. Wallet size Walmart pics for everyone! Ok, not really. We’re thinking metal – metallic – or not. We haven’t decided, but just know we are giving away two prints, y’all! Make sure to email Mac with your answer at mac [at] miksmedia [dot] net!

Ah, Fuji. Well, Lightroom

Before we jump into Fuji Fuji Fuji chat, we vent a wee bit about some very recent Lightroom 5.7 woes, yo! Are you having any issues with Lightroom since the latest update? If you have any words of wisdom with the gremlin activities taking place, please jump in!

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Thanks as always for tuning in, folks! Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We’ll see you in 2015 for more!

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Episode 67 »» The Death of DSLRs

Episode 67 »» The Death of DSLRs

ep67, shutter time with sid and mac, yegphoto, DSLR death, discussion, podcastRumours Swirling

More and more news about the new FujiFilm X-E2 camera are coming out… even the price at 989 euro.  The most shocking rumour about Fuji, is that X-Pro2 will never be made. X-Pro1 is going to be the last in it’s line.  It’s a sad day I tell you, but again these are far fetched speculations.  Sony on the other hand has two full frame mirror less cameras in the works.  A7, a 24mp wonder, and A7r a 36mp beast…. Nikon D800 anyone? 🙂  Both these cameras will have existing NEX E-Mount, but the big problem is that the current line up of lenses will not work very well with the full frame configurations.  So expecting new lenses from Sony…


Sid is having issues with Adobe CC…. apparently her serial number from a boxed version of Photoshop is illegal… or something to that effect.  On top of that Adobe gets hacked and Sid goes on a rampage of changing all of her accounts…. talk about wasting somebody’s time.  I think it’s time to send Adobe a bill.

Photofocus, a website run by none other than Scott Bourne, had a guest post about creating bokeh in photoshop.  Oh what a dissapoitment.  Apparently some people are still confused what bokeh is.  So here you go, if you want to waste 8 min of your life: http://photofocus.com/2013/10/05/create-custom-bokeh-in-photoshop/.  I think this can be done by spitting on your lens… easy.

Are DLSRs a Dying Breed?

Well we tried to answer that question, and Mac thinks that with in 5 years they will be mostly extinct.  Mirror mirror on the wall…. hell who needs a mirror!  Very lively discussion on that topic, and we would love to hear your comments.

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Episode 13 ~ 2012, You Say? Bring It.

Episode 13 ~ 2012, You Say? Bring It.

2012 ~ We’re Still Here

Happy New Year, yo! After a small hiatus, we’re back on track with episode 13, V2! Did you miss us? Don’t lie. We thought we’d kick off the new year with a discussion of what’s happening in photography and what 2012 will hopefully bring …

The Big Kahuna 

Mad props to Nikon for holding out on the newest DSLR addition to their family as long as they did. After Canon announced their latest bad boy way back in October 2011, we all knew Nikon was next, but who knew it would take so long for the release?

2012 Photography Stuff

We thought we would join the ranks once again and discuss some of our photography goals for this year. Hmmm, I suppose we’ll have to end this year with a recap of episode 13 just to see how well we did. Oh. The. Pressure.

Stay tuned for upcoming shows, guests and any other deliciousness which may be coming out of the Shutter Time bunker this year.

Thanks as always for tuning in!

Cheers, y’all!


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