Episode 107 »» Lightroom and Fanboyism

Episode 107 »» Lightroom and Fanboyism

Episode 107 »» Lightroom and Fanboyism Lightroom Something or the Other 

Ahh, finally after months of speculation and a missed rumoured March release date, Adobe finally gave it up and released Lightroom CC or Lightroom 6 standalone for those not wanting to play in the creative cloud. Buyer beware – if you purchase LR 6, you’re not going to get all the goodness moving forward. Join us as we cover the changes!

Fanboys United

Most of us are called fanboys at one time or the other, be it for our preference with auto manufactures, smart phones, computers – the list goes on. Photography is one of the most intense fanboy debates, the classic being Nikon vs. Canon. Since this topic was brewing deep within Mac’s noggin as well as suggested this week by one of our kickin’ listeners, Mark, we thought we’d take to the mics and figure this one out – can this be a crutch for our photography? Hmm …

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We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new Lightroom updates – thumbs up or down? What do you think about camera gear fanboys? Should we even care anymore – why or why not? You can find us at FacebookTwitterGoogle Plus and of course, you can subscribe for free at iTunes or check us out at Stitcher.

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Episode 102 »» The Soul of Landscape Photography

Episode 102 »» The Soul of Landscape Photography

Episode 102 »» The Soul of Landscape Photography

Mmmm … Fresh Gear

Ahhh, the wait is over. It’s no secret there have been some big announcements from a few camera manufactures this past week. The anticipation factor was quite high for Canon and Fuji particularly. Nice to see Canon back in the game as many of us were starting to wonder … We break down the bigger announcements as we kick off the show.

Fuji X Mount Lens Roadmap, Feb 2015, Episode 102 »» The Soul of Landscape Photography


We had a wee contest to celebrate 100 episodes with the winner receiving a couple of Shutter Time prints! Mac’s son drew the winning entry, so congrats to Udo! Thanks to all who entered the contest to win a print! Udo, we shall be in touch! Yay!

Finding Your Soul

I think every landscape photographer has one time or the other questioned their work and whether their image has any soul. Isn’t that the goal of every photographer and in particular, the landscape photographer? An article from photographer, Ugo Cei, about his thoughts on the lack of soul in landscape photography today sparked not only a fair bit of discussion, but also touched some nerves. We tackle this topic and try to understand what has happened with landscape photography, should we be concerned and what to do about it. There are a couple of hundred of comments scattered on several blogs and we suggest you check them out. A lot of folks have some great insight into this topic. One of my favourite comments by far is from photographer John Oro … Since the link to his comment will not work, I’ve included a screen capture of his response.

johnoro comment

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Are y’all excited about any of the fresh gear announced from Olympus, Canon or Fuji? What are your thoughts about the 50MP Canon body – is this really necessary? Would the full frame + 1.3 an 1.6 crop capabilities make this body appealing to you? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the gear announcements and of course, the landscape photography debate!  Thanks again for all the continued interaction – it’s so appreciated, y’all. You can find us on Bookface, Twitter, G+ (hahaha, I know I know), and of course you can find us on iTunes and the ol’ Stitcher App. Oh, and big thanks to Gavin for the great messages!

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Links from the show: (dang, there are a lot today!)

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Episode 89 »» Are We Too Technical?

Episode 89 »» Are We Too Technical?

Shutter Time with Sid and Mac » Episode 89 »» Are We Too Technical?  Join us as we discuss whether or not we should be more concerned with technical aspects of photography as opposed to storytelling. Is one more important?After Dark, Y’all

The ever so wise chaps from The Camera Store took to their cameras and recorded an after dark episode, discussing the big moves Canon and Nikon should be making to impact the industry once again. It’s lighthearted and worth watching, with some great points being made. Guess we’ll see what happens next month at Photokina 2014!

Technically Speaking 

An article from Eric Kim started a debate between Mac and I regarding technically perfect images vs. those maybe lacking on the technical side, but stronger story-wise. We took to the mics to figure this one out … after all, we’ve probably all taken images one can deem as spot on from a technical aspect, but lacking in emotion and vice versa. What about those who can consistently pull off technically beautiful images, packing a hell of a story as well? Do you consider them masters of their craft?

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We’d love for you to chime in on this episode and any other photolicious topics on your mind. Have your say on Bookface, Twitter, this blog or ye old Google Plus. Of course, you can subscribe for free via iTunes and if you have the Stitcher app, you can check us out there as well.! Are you looking forward to hearing and seeing all the scoop coming down the pipe at Photokina? What do you think Canon and Nikon should do in order to really make an impact on the industry once again? Do they need to get serious about the mirrorless world or take another route?

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Links from the show:

DJI Phantom 2 Hands-On Field Test / The Camera Store

Why Sharpness is Overrated in Street Photography / Eric Kim Photography

onOne Software


Episode 54 ~ The Mirrorless Evolution

Episode 54 ~ The Mirrorless Evolution

Oh how far the mirrorless camera has come. But first

Episode 54 ~ The Mirrorless Evolution, Shutter Time with Sid and Mac podcast, yegphoto, photography


NAB Show 2013

I never made it to NAB this year, but fortunately my good mate did and even though he’s a video editor, he made sure to keep me humming with iPhone snaps of fresh camera gear. What really made me take notice was the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. Since this isn’t a video podcast, I’ll let y’all read the scoop, but after missing NAB yet again, I’ll definitely be NAB bound in 2014, y’all!

They’ve Come A Long Way, Baby

Early 2012 in episode 14, Mac and I, the judgemental pusses that we are, chatted about mirrorless camera systems that seemed to be making photographers take note, many making the switch from the DLSR lineup, with some even predicting the slow demise of the DSLR. Ridiculous, right? Well, having both been swayed since by a little camera called the Fuji X-Pro 1, we have changed our tune … to some degree. We chat about how far these little mirrorless camera systems have come and whether or not they have lived up to the hype. We also go over some of the aspects of these systems many photographers don’t really talk about, and elements one should possibly factor in before making the switch. Mirrorless cameras are not for everyone, and this is where we as co-hosts are divided … Mirrorless Cameras vs. DSLRS. It’s off the hook, yo!


We were so caught up in our rambles we forgot to mention the updates for Lightroom 4.4. It’s now out of beta mode and ready for final release, so don’t forget to update! If you’re rocking the Fuji mirrorless cameras, you will be happy some of the previous bugs have been rectified.

Bits n’ Bites

Have you ever trekked to Vegas (baby!) for NAB? If so, what are your thoughts about it from a photographer’s POV? I’d absolutely love to hear about it. Are you shooting with DSLRS or mirrorless cameras? Please link us up so we can check out the images. If you have made the switch, we’d love to hear about the process and if you feel you’ve made the right decision. Also, do you even miss your DSLRS?

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You’ve guessed it — we’re in a number of places on the ol’ internets, such as Google Plus, our (too quiet!) G+ community, Twitter, Facebook and of course, we’re available via iTunes where you can subscribe for free. If you have the Sticher app, you can check us out there as well.  We’d love to hear your feedback and any questions or show suggestions, please leave us a comment!

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Episode 14 ~ Hardbodies

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Episode 48 ~ Gear, the Final Frontier

Episode 48 ~ Gear, the Final Frontier


Space the Canadian Frontier

You might wonder, how a country of 20 can have it’s own Space Agency… we do.  We also are very proud of Commander Chris Hadfield, a Canadian astronaut currently living aboard the International Space Station (ISS).  What’s really cool about this, is that he has been taking stunning photographs of our little world from up there. These stunning photographs and more can be found at his twitter account.  So, go follow him right now!  We also found some apps that you can use to follow the ISS in the skies, and when it’s overhead, go outside and wave.  Maybe you’ll end up in one of his images!

ISS Tracker for Android

NASA App for iOS


There were a lot of new things at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, that made us smile, and a few that made us cringe. One of those was the new Polaroid IM1836, an Android based camera with interchangeable lenses.  Also the new Canon PowerShot N, makes Sid roll her eyes, but Mac thinks it’s kinda cute.  Of course the Fuji rumors came true and the replacement for the X100 is here, with all the glory of focus peaking, phase and contrast detection AF, and other cool features.  What makes us scratch our heads in wonder is the fact that this is a fixed lens camera, with the fastest AF… so what’s the focus peaking for??

Why do we upgrade our gear?

Since we are talking about gear, and all this new gear makes us salivate, like Pavlov’s puppy… we have to ask ourselves why do we upgrade our gear??  Do we have to upgrade, or is it just a clever ploy, by the camera manufacturers, to spend more and more…

Thank you All for listening!


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Fuji X100S

Pro Photographer Cheap Camera Challenge

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