Episode 36 ~ Mirrorless Backyard Olympiad

Episode 36 ~ Mirrorless Backyard Olympiad


Olympic Hard Bodies 

The world has been tuning in for the past couple of weeks as elite athletes have been competing in their dedicated sports with the hopes to become Olympians. Of course, they are not the only ones competing. Canon and Nikon have jumped in, as always, and photo nerds have probably been skimming the official photographers’ area to see if the sea of glass is predominately white or black … because the Canon / Nikon debate never gets old, right? Wonder if any mirrorless cameras made the cut this year? Speaking of which …

Um, Canon?

We chat about Canon’s latest release, which took some of us by surprise. We also discuss the latest lens to accompany the Fuji X-Pro 1. Oh yeah! Hmmm, now whereabouts are those 1D-x bodies again, Canon?

Unspoken Treasures

While we all love travel photography, or heading to the studio, or even just jumping in the truck for a mini-photo road trip, we often forget about those little treasures only a few steps away … We discuss the perks of keeping your camera and yourself close to home!

Bits ‘n Bites

If you listened to our last show with Moose Peterson, what did you think? We’d love to hear your feedback on the ‘Moose Show’, this show and of course, all others! Stay tuned, as we have another great interview scheduled, plus many more great topics lined up, just waiting to be discussed!

Thanks as always for tuning in!

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