Episode 185 »» Socializing Photography With Dave Szweduik

Episode 185 »» Socializing Photography With Dave Szweduik

Batman Rises Once Again

Canon Forever?

Canon U.S.A. is a recipient of the prestigious Public Alliance Corporate Stewardship award for their partnership and support of Yellowstone Forever and their commitment to wildlife conservation.

So, Who’s in Control Here?

With the news VCG now has full ownership of 500px, the rise and fall of Vero, the regular shenanigans at Instagram and more, we started to wonder once again – who is in control with our photography? It would appear to some there are even ‘rules’ in place when it comes socializing our individual photography experience, so we took to the mics to discuss taking back control. Please join us as we are joined by our great pal, Usually Happy Dave, to discuss curating our photography online and more.

Join the Convo:

We would love to hear if you support brands who demonstrate corporate stewardship and responsibility and who these brands are (let’s give them props!). How do you feel about socializing and curating your photography work and experience online? You can chime in and find us on Twitter and Bookface. You can also subscribe to the show for free via iTunes or Stitcher. If you would like to support the show and help with some of the costs of running this podcast, please check us out on Patreon (any support is appreciated!).

Huge thanks to our Usually Happy Dave for answering the bat signal and joining us for another great discussion. Make sure you check out his photography work and the fantastic redesign of his site, as well as his weekly crazy-fun tech podcast, digitalSoup!

Thanks so much as always for tuning in, friends!

Cheers, y’all!


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Episode 90 »» Photo Blog Rules?

Episode 90 »» Photo Blog Rules?


Shutter Time With Sid and Mac, episode 90, Please join us for episode 90 as we cover some news from Dropbox, 500px, and dish on a couple of photo blogs from Matt Kloskowski and Jake Peterson!We are covering it all tonight, folks …

Accept It, Eh?

Matt Kloskowski penned a great article that gives us the number one not-so hidden secret to photographing amazing landscapes. It’s simple as pie, and he’s spot on. Tune in as we chat about his post!

Our Sponsors

Check out some great comments from Michael Van der Tol and Robert Coffey on our blog and G+. I loved these comments and thought they needed to be shared. Thanks, chaps!

Flickr’s Twin?

Ah, first 500px came out with licensing, which garnered a mix reaction, and now they have taken a page from the folks at Flickr and have whipped up groups and discussions. Does such a service really belong on a site such as 500px? It’s in beta testing right now, so if you’re on 500px, take a look.

Dropbox, Yo!

The good folks at Dropbox gave their pro users a big upgrade when it comes to storage. We quickly break it down. Make sure to check out the different plans they offer if you’re not already a user.

It’s Your Blog, Right?

Jake Peterson wrote a short, but interesting piece about what should be included in your blog. This may not have been the purpose of his post, but it got us thinking — if we are using a site for our business, what kind of posts and images should make the blog? Do you include and blog about your mistakes or only have the best of the best on there. How can you show growth and discuss lessons with only top notch work being posted on the blog? Is this even necessary?

Join the Convo

We’d love to hear thoughts on the show! If you made it through our mixed bag of nuts and rambles, high five, eh? What do you think about the changes at 500px? How important is it to live near your target locations, be it landscapes, wildlife, etc.? Do you have any photo blog rules yourself? Btw, if you haven’t done so yet, please check out episode 78 with Jake Peterson! You can also check us out at Bookface, Twitter, Google Plus and of course, you can find us on iTunes and the Stitcher app!

Thanks as always for tuning in! Mucho appreciated.

Cheers, y’all!

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500px Groups & Discussions

Dropbox Pro Upgrade


Jake Peterson Blog Post


Episode 42 ~ Sharing, Printing, and Selling

Episode 42 ~ Sharing, Printing, and Selling

Shutter Time With Sid and Mac Episode 42 ~ Sharing, Printing, and SellingMmmm, Fresh Gear

Before we dive in the ol’ SPS pool (that’s Sharing, Printing, and Selling), we have to chat about some fresh gear. Nikon announced their new Nikkor 70-200mm f/4 G ED VR AF-S, but what really caught my interest was a tweet from the fine folks at Borrow Lenses! Spotting a Canon lens in the wild is exciting for those of us who haven’t heard anything about this particular lens since last year. Oh, mama.

Making Some Cash

Because this is a more lengthly topic, after a little gear speculation and swoon, we go straight for the goods, and the pros and cons of sharing, printing and selling! While there are many options out there, we chose 6 companies and did a little research on the benefits of using these methods t0 get a little coin for your hard camera work.

Have a listen, take some notes and see what best works for you!

Bits n’ Bites

Are you interested in the new Nikon and Canon lenses? Are you members of any of the orgs we discussed on the show? If so, link us up and show off your work and please let us know how the sites are working for you.

As always, we’re on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and iTunes!

Thanks as always for tuning in. We appreciate the continued support and still tingle to this day when we think about it!

Cheers, y’all!

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Canon 200-400mm (via Bob Atkins)
Episode 40 ~ Fabulous At 40!

Episode 40 ~ Fabulous At 40!

Happy Birthday, Us!

Before we dive into social media, we had to celebrate a bit, as we’ve just turned 40 (Sept 26th), huzzah! Thanks to all of our listeners and supporters for tuning in, show after show. We truly couldn’t do it without your support and feedback. Hopefully the next year is even better and we’ll give you loads more content that will makes your ears and minds tingle, and having you itching to click the shutter and make some images and memories. Please keep the feedback coming, as well as any show ideas. We do the show for you all, as well as ourselves. We’re a lil’ narcissistic like that, you know!

Oh, Cheeky Canon

Of course, right after our last show, where we discussed a whole lineup of new gear, Canon announces their latest brainchild after we published the show! Have a listen as we discuss their latest body. Will it measure up? Hmmm …

Social Media Blitz

We’ve been threatening you all for a while with a long recap of my review on Colby Brown’s book, Google + For Photographers. Instead, we briefly discuss the book, and dive in a little deeper and break down some of the available social media options for photographers. Tune in and see if you agree with us and have any opinions and possibly other SM platforms we are missing! If you’re on social media, head to our Facebook and link us up so we can keep in touch with you, or leave us a comment here.

Murphy, The Stalker

Murphy’s Law has made its presence once again during the show. This is my techie plea to you: if you have any suggestions / alternatives to recording podcasts using Skype, please let us know! Drop us a comment, tweet or leave a message on G+ or Facebook. We’d ever be so happy and appreciative.

Bits ‘n Bites

Come hang out with us in our social media nests on the internets. Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and of course, please subscribe to us for free on iTunes!

Thanks as always for tuning in, y’all! Big high fives to you!



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Canon’s 60D Body

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