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Episode 233: The Perfect Picture

Episode 233    |    59m

Episode 216 »» Featured Photographer: David Szweduik

Oh, Banksy.  What are your thoughts about this jaw-dropping move by the mysterious character and artist, Banksy? Pure brilliance or a certifiable act? Holy Photographer, Batman! https://twitter.com/ShuttertimeShow/status/989678454101622784 That's right! You know him,...

Episode 215 »» Driving Our Passion for Photography

Brooklyn Photographs Now Congrats to our great friend of the show, Antonio M. Rosario, for having his work included in a new book, Brooklyn Photographs Now. https://twitter.com/amrosario/status/1047305279854071808 The Road ... to Greatness?  What is the driving force...

Episode 214 »» Fresh Gear and 7 Years of Shutter Time

Antonio M. Rosario Massive thanks and props to our great friend, Antonio, for pitching in last minute and spending 5 weeks co-hosting Shutter Time with our Mac. He has done a wonderful job and the time he spent helping us out can never fully be paid back. Podcasting...

Episode 213 »» Alfred Stieglitz and promoting the work of others

Alfred was a big promoter of photography, and creator of the first photography magazine “camera work”  https://www.metmuseum.org/toah/hd/stgp/hd_stgp.htm His celebrated portrait of Georgia O’Keeffe (1997.61.19) was one of his chief occupations between 1917 and 1925,...

Episode 210 »» Documentary photography and its propaganda

Apologizing to Bart for derailing his podcast plan, and staying up till wee hours of the night to get show notes ready, for his reply to Antonio’s question from ep. 209 about projects.  It’s fascinating episode of Bart’s journey through his photography projects. ...

Episode 209 »» Projects / series with Antonio M. Rosario

Discarded Brooklyn by Antonio M. Rosario News New Nikon Z series, full frame mirrorless cameras are on the verge of being released to the world.  Mac and Antonio talk about this new, but very late addition to the mirrorless line up of cameras.  Over all we will not be...

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