Episode 228: New Adventures

Episode 228: New Adventures

A bit of a recap of 2018
  • started a business
  • lost a cohost
  • this show went weekly, which can get a little challenging
  • decreased my photography out of necessity and thinking that I need more focus.
  • looking at my 2018 catalog in lightroom i took only 2000 photos which is about 5 a day, and I’m fine with that
  • finding that sharing my images is not the end all be all, and i haven’t shared a lot last year
  • I haven’t found that work/life balance and it’s not easy to do
  • find myself working at odd hours and odd times which impacts everything
  • because of things happening in my life I’m more grounded, meaning I can’t travel as much as I want to
  • life got a lot busier.  
Which brings us to 2019 and new adventures
  • what new cameras are coming? i don’t care
  • there are new advances in computational photography, I don’t care
  • there are new software titles poping up to rival lightroom and adobe raign on photography… i don’t care
  • so what do I care about? A new concept, idea that I found last year.
  • I don’t like resolutions, because I never keep them
  • it makes you feel like a failure, and just sets a negative tone for the rest of the year
  • next year you do it all over again
I heard about this interesting take on resolutions.  
  • coined by Rachel Olsen co-author of “My One Word: Change Your Life With Just One Word.”  https://www.amazon.com/My-One-Word-Change-Your-ebook/dp/B008EGUFF2
  • so instead of using I’m going to the gym, or I’m skipping donuts with my coffee
  • use a word
  • setting goals for ourselves in our career and at home, the idea of it all coming down to a single word, even if that word becomes a theme rather than just a touchstone, is irresistible.
  • A word can’t be broken. It serves as a reminder; a filter. It’s who you want to be instead of what you regret.
  • and chose a word : growth
Hope you enjoyed this episode, and hopefully things will get better and better in the new year.  I wish you all the best, better pictures, and more time to reflect on your photography!
I will talk to you next week!
Episode 227: Catching up with David Szweduik

Episode 227: Catching up with David Szweduik

Dave has been doing a lot of things lately.  First he started new Adventures in Creativity podcast, which is a great show about following your heart in creative endeavours.  Not only photography, but everything that has to do with creativity.
Also Dave just acquired a medium format film camera, (big shout out to Dominick Chiuchiolo) and he has been exploring new adventures in film.  
Since it’s almost the end of another year, do we have any secret plans for 2019?
Listen to find out!
See you all next week!
Episode 226: Visit from a Ghost of Christmas Past

Episode 226: Visit from a Ghost of Christmas Past

It’s nice to be visited by old friends from time to time.  This was a surprise visit from my former host Sidney Blake

We discussed:

  • personal project Flawed Perfection
  • Sid Fuji XT-1 camera woes (I still think it’s just full of sprinkles)
  • Guitar
  • Film photography

Until next week!

Episode 225: Inspirational pressure with Olaf Sztaba.

Episode 225: Inspirational pressure with Olaf Sztaba.

Listening to another great episode of Dave’s Szweduik Adventures in Creativity, made me watch all the Rocky movies.  Never been a big fan, and still not a big fan but one thing these movies make you feel, is inspired.  Inspired to push through the darkness, knowing that somewhere on the other side is light and you can make it.  Be it taking your camera for a walk, or listening to good podcasts, like this one, or Street Shots with Antonio Rosario, or  even the best geeky podcast of all time, The Digital Soup.
This is what we are talking about with Olaf.   
Hope you enjoy this show, and I will talk to you next week!
Episode 224: Photography Ramblings

Episode 224: Photography Ramblings

Great conversations are always welcome, even when we don’t fully agree with them.  That’s what Antonio and Mark did on Switch to Manual podcast, discussing the idea of Creative Oasis.  You should definitely listen to that discussion. Having a student can give you ideas on see the world a little differently.  You as a teacher can learn a lot from a student, how they observe the world.  Which in turn makes you go through a roll of film in less than an hour instead of days or even months. 

  Old age discussion film vs digital is essentially BS.  They are both used to create images, and should be taken as such.  Film is much slower and teaches you discipline, digital allows for quick view of the images you created, and leads you to a very dangerous path of spray and pray.  Neither is better though, but I do miss film when shooting digital.  Strange. Link to the indian whiskey: https://www.thewhiskyexchange.com/p/9372/amrut Catch you all next week!

Episode 223: Chat with Devon Stapleton

Episode 223: Chat with Devon Stapleton

Devon Stapleton

Virtually unknown photographer, that we met by chance because he reached out to Shutter Time.  Oh boy am I glad he did.  Just take a look at the selection of photos above this text.  

Devon is not part of any social media, apart from Twitter, that he uses to chat with this show.  That’s about it.  It was really great that he agreed to join Shutter Time for a personal chat about his photography.  Remember mark the date of July 1 2019, as that when he promised to have his gallery site up and running!

His twitter handle is  if you would like to drop a line and have a chat with a really great photographer.

See you all next week!!