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Replacing skies and lazy photographers

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Replacing skies in landscape photography is a fairly big business these days.  Not only tutorials but people that will actually sell different sky images ready to replace your boring sky.  
Is this ethical? As photographers do have to make our images as true to the place we see or is it just for commercial purposes.  Why do we do this?
I mean photo journalists have strict guidelines on editing photos for new publications, but even these can be, and are taken out of context.  Depending what is on the image and how we can spin the story around the image.  Essentially is up to us to determine what is true and how fake the news are.
So in landscape photography this trend started a long time ago, and with the advent of better and better software, this has been used by more and more photographers.
What is alarming is 
  • new photographers fall into this idea, shoot now fix in photoshop later
  • create lazy photographers
But what if you are on vacation and cannot/will not return to the area for a very long time, or never?  Do you replace the sky of a beautiful landscape?  
  • You could be tarnishing your memories
  • 20 years later, looking at your images do you remember the sky being like that or something else?
Also are you doing this for yourself, or is it more commercial purpose (selling it on stock etc.) 
Do you have a moral obligation to tell others about the composite image?
Personally I’m conflicted about that.  
Peter Lik image with a huge moon with a clif and tree, and any knowlagable photographer would know it is a composite image.  But Lik was a while was maintaining that this was not a composite.  So essentially lying.
Maybe you don’t have to say that your images are composites, but if asked I think you should tell the truth.

Talk to you next week!


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