A bit of a recap of 2018
  • started a business
  • lost a cohost
  • this show went weekly, which can get a little challenging
  • decreased my photography out of necessity and thinking that I need more focus.
  • looking at my 2018 catalog in lightroom i took only 2000 photos which is about 5 a day, and I’m fine with that
  • finding that sharing my images is not the end all be all, and i haven’t shared a lot last year
  • I haven’t found that work/life balance and it’s not easy to do
  • find myself working at odd hours and odd times which impacts everything
  • because of things happening in my life I’m more grounded, meaning I can’t travel as much as I want to
  • life got a lot busier.  
Which brings us to 2019 and new adventures
  • what new cameras are coming? i don’t care
  • there are new advances in computational photography, I don’t care
  • there are new software titles poping up to rival lightroom and adobe raign on photography… i don’t care
  • so what do I care about? A new concept, idea that I found last year.
  • I don’t like resolutions, because I never keep them
  • it makes you feel like a failure, and just sets a negative tone for the rest of the year
  • next year you do it all over again
I heard about this interesting take on resolutions.  
  • coined by Rachel Olsen co-author of “My One Word: Change Your Life With Just One Word.”  https://www.amazon.com/My-One-Word-Change-Your-ebook/dp/B008EGUFF2
  • so instead of using I’m going to the gym, or I’m skipping donuts with my coffee
  • use a word
  • setting goals for ourselves in our career and at home, the idea of it all coming down to a single word, even if that word becomes a theme rather than just a touchstone, is irresistible.
  • A word can’t be broken. It serves as a reminder; a filter. It’s who you want to be instead of what you regret.
  • and chose a word : growth
Hope you enjoyed this episode, and hopefully things will get better and better in the new year.  I wish you all the best, better pictures, and more time to reflect on your photography!
I will talk to you next week!