Great conversations are always welcome, even when we don’t fully agree with them.  That’s what Antonio and Mark did on Switch to Manual podcast, discussing the idea of Creative Oasis.  You should definitely listen to that discussion. Having a student can give you ideas on see the world a little differently.  You as a teacher can learn a lot from a student, how they observe the world.  Which in turn makes you go through a roll of film in less than an hour instead of days or even months. 

  Old age discussion film vs digital is essentially BS.  They are both used to create images, and should be taken as such.  Film is much slower and teaches you discipline, digital allows for quick view of the images you created, and leads you to a very dangerous path of spray and pray.  Neither is better though, but I do miss film when shooting digital.  Strange. Link to the indian whiskey: Catch you all next week!