We haven’t talked to Olaf Sztaba in 9 months.  Last episode was 182 about taking visual risks.  Since then Olaf was very busy, starting a few very important projects.

The first is the Renatus Project. It tells remarkable stories of organ transplantees.  The stories are quite amazing, and with beautiful photography, well worth reading.  

The next big project is the MediumFormat.com, which was inspired by the fact that there is nothing like it on the internet.  There is no central place that medium format photographers can find important and engaging information about their photographic format of choice.  The site, besides having news, interviews and inspirational pieces, is coupled with a beautifully designed magazine, with articles from great photographers like Patrick La Roque, Ming Thein, Lloyd Chambers, Jonas Rask, Take Kayo and Ibarionex Perello and many others.  The first edition was about 140 pages, and no advertisements of any kind.  It’s well worth the price for the magazine alone, and there are other goodies added like webinars, readers galleries, exclusive pdf guides (which are like smaller versions of the magazine).  All has a professional, premium feel and look, as you would expect from a premium item.  Check it out!

Another a little surprising thing Olaf tells us, that he is almost exclusively shooting with digital medium format camera, namely Fuji GFX 50S.  He still uses the Fuji X100F from time to time, but with the Renatus Project and MediumFormat.com he will be most likely be seen with a big fuji at his side.

It was a great catching up with Olaf.  If you have any questions, or want to chat with me, hit me up on the twitters, or leave a comment here.

I’ll talk to you all next week!