It seems that neither Mac nor Antonio are overly excited with the new Canon full frame mirrorless camera.  Canon R seems to be basically a smaller lighter Canon 5d series camera with out the mirror. There are also rumours of Panasonic coming into the full frame mirrorless market.  With all these mirrorless cameras, does Fujifilm need to fill the gap in their current line up and introduce a full frame camera.

Featured Photographer: Trey Ratcliff Trey is a prolific photographer and educator.  One can say that he is a pioneer in HDR photography.  His early travel images, which started the HDR craze.  His latest big project is the Arcanum.  A photographic online school, with a twist.  It is setup almost like a game, where you level up in your photography, by being paired with a Master.  Completing challenges allows you to learn and level up.  This unique school launched in 2013 and it is still going strong.  

HDR or High Dynamic Range photography, has been around for a very long time.  Because of the early sensor technology did not allow for good dynamic range, this technique was widely used, especially in real estate photography.  Even with advent of new digital sensors and their increased dynamic range, and some cameras offering in camera HDR, this technique hasn’t disappeared from photography.

You can get a decent HDR image just from one RAW file, but you’ll have to use some layering and masking in Photoshop. And it will depend on the initial image and its exposure. 
HDR hides nothing. It leaves no part of the image hidden. All the mysteries are gone. If you looked at page after page of HDR images then suddenly came to a shot with lots of dark black shadows, your eyes will be so happy because now they have something to rest on: the shadows. 

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