Apologizing to Bart for derailing his podcast plan, and staying up till wee hours of the night to get show notes ready, for his reply to Antonio’s question from ep. 209 about projects.  It’s fascinating episode of Bart’s journey through his photography projects. 


PhaseOne 150Mpx medium format monster.  59k – pocket change!
53.4x40mm sensor size, which is almost the size of a smallest medium format film which is 60mmx45mm.


“Migrant Mother” by Dorothea Lange is perhaps the most famous FSA photograph, and one of the most famous photographs of all time. It portrays a mother and her two children looking exhausted and disheveled, and it encourages sympathy in the viewer (see figure 6). After taking this picture, Lange said, in an interview with Popular Photography that “[the mother] seemed to know that my pictures might help her, and so she helped me.” Lange explicitly points out that the presence of the camera changed the behavior of the woman. She even admitted in an interview that her photographs incorporate her own emotions and contain bias; “[A documentary photograph] is not a factual photograph per se. [It] carries with it another thing, a quality in the subject that the artist responds to.” Photographer’s bias is unavoidable; therefore no photograph can be completely factual.

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