Moonrise Over Brooklyn

We have been discussing photography books on and off the show for years, however, it was during Antonio’s deep dive (thanks to Ward for the description) of Irving Penn that shifted our conversation with one of our listeners and great friend of the show, Ward Rosin. Thanks to his wonderful insight on photography books, we knew we had to take to the mics to discuss this further with no one better suited than Ward and Antonio. Please join us as we learn about the inspiration we can get from photography books and how the style and art from these photographers influences our own photography and the mind-to-camera connection.

“Inspiration comes from photo books and the history of photography and photographers.” – Ward Rosin, 2018


Channeling Jeff Mermelstein | ©Ward Rosin

Channeling Robert Adams | ©Ward Rosin

Channeling Jay Maisel | ©Antonio M. Rosario

Channeling Ernst Haas | ©Antonio M. Rosario

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Huge thanks to our friends, Ward and Antonio, for coming on the show for another great chat! Make sure you check out their work (links below) if you have yet to do so!

Thanks for tuning in, folks!

Cheers, y’all!


Channeling Berenice Abbott’s “Changing New York” | ©Antonio M. Rosario

Channeling Garry Winogrand | ©Ward Rosin

Channeling Pete Turner | ©Antonio M. Rosario

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