Still Inspired by Darkness?

Our follow-up to episode 193 is finally here. We had received a number of messages asking for further clarification about how someone can be inspired after viewing a photograph telling a story of tragedy and darkness. Please join us as we tackle this tricky subject!

Thanks to our listeners who chimed in and challenged us to revisit this subject. This is what the podcast is all about: to keep the conversation about all things photography going. Comments and questions = more discussion.

Huge thanks to those who sent a message and to our mystery caller *wink*. We hope this helps clear things up!

Join the Convo

We would love to hear your thoughts on the show! Have you found yourself inspired by images of human suffering or destruction? If so, how are you inspired by such photography? You can chime in on the blog and find us on Twitter to continue the conversation. You can also subscribe to the show for free via iTunes or Stitcher. If you would like to support the show and help with some of the costs of running this podcast, please check us out on Patreon (any support is appreciated!).

Thanks so much for tuning in, folks! As always, we appreciate your support!

Cheers, y’all!



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