Winning Moments 

Every time he is back on Shutter Time, this is a winning moment for us. Of course, I am talking about our brother from another mother, the ridiculously cool photographer and podcaster hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Antonio M. Rosario.

Inspired by the incredible award-winning images in the latest version of the book, Moments: The Pulitzer Prize-Winning Photographs by Hal Buell, we decided to discuss what we could learn from these Pulitzer Prize photographs that have been a part of our history since the first award was handed out in 1942 and the photographers who made them. 

Disclaimer: we (mainly Sid) may have been pronouncing Pulitzer incorrectly as we have heard both versions. Before you refer to us as uncultured swine, perhaps just chime in and let us know which version is correct. Thanks! 

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Huge thanks to Antonio for joining us for another episode! We love having him on and recommend y’all check out his work and listen to his photography podcast, Street Shots.

Thanks so much as always for tuning in, friends! As always, we appreciate the support and the interaction!

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Episode 193 »» Pulitzer Prize-Winning Moments with Antonio M. Rosario

Episode 193 »» Pulitzer Prize Photographs with Antonio M. Rosario

Image by ©Antonio M. Rosario

Image by ©Antonio M. Rosario

Image by ©Antonio M. Rosario

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