Let’s Talk Ethics 

Our good friend of the show, Bart Busschots, released the latest episode of his Let’s Talk Photography podcast which was partially inspired by our recent episode about ethical photography with Antonio M. Rosario, episode 184. It is another great episode by Bart, so please check it out! Thanks for the shout-out, Bart!

Social Media Follow-up

As a follow-up to episode 185, we chat about an article that has since come out about photographer, Dave Morrow, who traded in his large social media following for the good life to focus on his photography. Was this a crazy move?

Too. Much. Tech?

We took to the mics to discuss the feeling by many that art is disappearing due to the availability of advanced tech in our photography world. Is this truly the case and we are allowing the tech to do our work for us or is the art of arting relevant and important as ever?

Image by ©Sidney Blake.

Image by ©Sidney Blake.

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