The End of an Era

Our brothers from another mother, the power duo known as Antonio and Tom from Switch to Manual, made a big announcement on their latest episode of Street Shots, episode 69. Please join us as we talk about Street Shots, Masha Ivashintsova, and more!

Finding Masha

The work of late photographer, Masha Ivashintsova, was discovered when boxes of negatives were found by a family member and are now being shared with the public. PetaPixel compared her to the Russian Vivian Maier. While we do not think this necessarily calls for a comparison of the two women, it is still exciting to find lost photographs and hope to learn more about this woman and her photography.

Where’s Art? 

Legendary wildlife and nature photographer, Art Wolfe, has collaborated with sports/nature/travel photographer, Mitch Stringer, to produce a visual podcast about Art’s travels around the world. These short episodes give us stunning photography and great information from Art and Mitch. Definitely worth the watch!

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Best of luck to our American brother, Tom Martinez! We thank you for all the great content on Street Shots and Switch to Manual and your support of our show! You will be missed on Street Shots and we look forward to a surprise visit on the show now and again. If you have yet to do so, please check out the Street Shots podcast and let Antonio know you’ve stopped by!

Thanks so much as always for tuning in, friends!

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