Batman Rises Once Again

Canon Forever?

Canon U.S.A. is a recipient of the prestigious Public Alliance Corporate Stewardship award for their partnership and support of Yellowstone Forever and their commitment to wildlife conservation.

So, Who’s in Control Here?

With the news VCG now has full ownership of 500px, the rise and fall of Vero, the regular shenanigans at Instagram and more, we started to wonder once again – who is in control with our photography? It would appear to some there are even ‘rules’ in place when it comes socializing our individual photography experience, so we took to the mics to discuss taking back control. Please join us as we are joined by our great pal, Usually Happy Dave, to discuss curating our photography online and more.

Join the Convo:

We would love to hear if you support brands who demonstrate corporate stewardship and responsibility and who these brands are (let’s give them props!). How do you feel about socializing and curating your photography work and experience online? You can chime in and find us on Twitter and Bookface. You can also subscribe to the show for free via iTunes or Stitcher. If you would like to support the show and help with some of the costs of running this podcast, please check us out on Patreon (any support is appreciated!).

Huge thanks to our Usually Happy Dave for answering the bat signal and joining us for another great discussion. Make sure you check out his photography work and the fantastic redesign of his site, as well as his weekly crazy-fun tech podcast, digitalSoup!

Thanks so much as always for tuning in, friends!

Cheers, y’all!


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