The Big Six

Breaking away from tradition, World Press Photo has announced the six finalists for the highly coveted World Press Photo of the Year award for 2018 instead of announcing the sole winner for this category. Looking at the work from the finalists, it left us wondering if we were becoming desensitized to the images typically showcased from photojournalists in award categories. We knew we needed to contact local talent, news reporter/editor, Trevor Robb from the Edmonton Journal and Edmonton Sun, to join our conversation about these kind of images as we ask ourselves, what makes a World Press Photo?

If you have not had a chance to view the six finalists, we recommend you do so whilst listening to the show so you can see what we see »» WPP 2018 Photo Contest | All Categories. Please join us as we discuss the images in detail and the criteria for selecting the World Press Photo.

Episode 183 »» World Press Photo with Trevor Robb

Image of Trevor Robb

Episode 183 »» World Press Photo with Trevor Robb

Image by ©Trevor Robb

Episode 183 »» World Press Photo with Trevor Robb

Image by ©Trevor Robb

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Huge thanks to Trevor Robb for joining us and engaging in a great conversation!

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