Mac Needs to Rant

The image and video of a polar bear sparked so many emotions across the globe and rightfully so. A marine mammal on dry land, looking through rubbish to find food, unable to properly walk. Right off the bat, it was assumed the state of the bear was from one reason alone based off the thoughts of the photographer. Immediately many agreed, whilst others questioned his claims. Surprisingly, this annoyed the non-wildlife enthusiast of Shutter Time to such degrees we took to the mics so Mac can have his rant. Please tune in as we touch on truth in photography.

Your Artistic Calling 

Based on a question I’ve been asking several photographers in the past couple of months, we took to the mics to ask the question – is photography your true calling? It’s a discussion we hope to continue in the new year.

Join the Convo

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic – what are the responsibilities of the photographers as we make and share our work? How important is truth in photography to you? Please chime in and join the convo! You can find us on Twitter and Bookface and here on the blog. Of course you can subscribe for free via iTunes or Stitcher! You can also find us on Patreon, having recently entered the game. You can also find Sid and Mac on twitter!

Huge thanks to everyone who has been interacting with us of late. We thank you all so much! Big shout-out to our new friend and fellow podcaster, Clay Daly, from the Cybrcast Podcast. It’s been a blast having you live tweet some of our shows as you listen, haha. Make sure you check out his podcast and Twitter (links below).

Thanks so much for tuning in, folks!

Cheers, y’all!




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