The Bat Signal

You know him. You love him. Our great friend of the show, fellow photographer, podcaster and Batman fan, Dave Szweduik, aka Usually Dave (UD), UHD (Usually Happy Dave), swizzbob and more, has once again answered the bat signal and agreed to join us on the show for a good ol’ photography debate.

Giving Away the Farm

Perhaps not exactly the right phrase, but it seemed fitting regardless. When it comes to our photography – should we be giving it away … for free? Say what? It’s a longstanding and often heated debate in the industry. There are many strong opinions to this question, and here we are in late 2017 still discussing it. What kind of a splash does it make in the industry to license your work for free, not only to individuals, but to companies as well, many who have more than a respectable budget for photography? Does this sour your taste buds or are you a willing participant in this practice? After all, we are only responsible for our own photography, morals, ethics and decisions, right? So, is it terribly naive to think we have an unspoken responsibility or code to “the industry” and our fellow photographers or is it every man/woman for him or herself out there? Please join us as we discuss just that and more!

© Image made by Dave Szweduik

© Image made by Dave Szweduik

© Image made by Dave Szweduik 


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We’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic – should we be licensing our work for free? If so, are there any restrictions you’d practice yourself? Please chime in and join the convo! You can find us on Twitter and Bookface and here on the blog. Of course you can subscribe for free via iTunes or Stitcher!

Thanks again to our Dave for answering the signal once again! Make sure to check out his work! You won’t be sorry!

Thanks for tuning in, folks!

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