Coffee Table Books – Request

We start the show by asking for a request. A simple request that went down the wrong road very quickly, haha. We would love to hear some requests on photography coffee table books, especially older ones that may or may not be out of print!

Listener Topics

Our listeners are so great. Not only do y’all keep us entertained and informed with questions, comments, stories, and more, but we also get topic ideas from time to time. Please join us as we tackle two topics from our pals, JF Riand and Michael van der Tol. Thanks, chaps!

From JF – he linked us up to a video on the joys of being asked about your camera settings, so we had a watch and had our own interpretations about the message from the video.

From Michael – he linked us up to an interesting article from The Guardian about filmmaker Wim Wenders’ Polaroid photography and his thoughts on whether photography is over.

Join the Convo

Do you have any coffee table books you’d like to share? We would love it hear some titles! Also, what are your thoughts on photography – is it over? Can we salvage this art we all enjoy so much? Y’all can find us on Bookface or Twitter, here on the blog, and of course you can subscribe for free for more Shutter Time goodness via iTunes or Stitcher.

Thanks again, JF and Michael for the topic ideas!

Thanks for tuning in, folks.

Cheers, y’all!



Links from the show:

STOP Asking about CAMERA SETTINGS! / via Tony & Chelsea Northrup, YouTube

Wim Wenders on his Polaroids – and why photography is now over / via the