Shutter Time With Sid and Mac podcast, Episode 155 »» Arting with Thomas Heaton

Image by Mac Sokulski

Absolutely Stunning

Chances are you know him and you love him. Photographer and YouTube creator, Thomas Heaton, joined us from the UK to discuss his craft, inspirations and what drives him to keep creating those incredible landscapes and deliciously entertaining videos whilst on location.

Uncle. Murphy.

Our longtime listeners are well aware of his presence and to keep things interesting, he showed up stronger than ever for episode 155 and decided to unceremoniously remove me from the show. Crazy audio woes aside, Mac and Tom kept marching on. Ah, at least I was there in spirit, right?

Join the Convo

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the show (audio woes aside, folks, haha). Are there any questions you have for Thomas? If so, please drop us a note as we would love to have him back on the show to discuss more! Do you travel for your photography? If so, where have you been and where do you plan to go? Please chime in and join the convo. You can find us on Twitter and Bookface and here on the blog. Of course you can subscribe for free via iTunes or Stitcher!

Thanks again to Thomas Heaton for joining us on the show! If you haven’t checked out his work yet, please do so!

Thanks for tuning in, folks!

Cheers, y’all!

Links from the show:

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