Episode 143 »» Is the iPhone 7 Plus A Photography Game Changer?

iPhone 7 Plus  <enter clever words here>

This title almost feels like clickbait since it’s a topic we have never dedicated an entire show to, but when something in the photo world catches the eye of a co-host, we take to the mics to figure it out. An article from the New Yorker and post on Bookface about the fear camera companies should be feeling led to this episode. Please join us as we tackle the buzz of a lovely piece of technology and ask ourselves what exactly would be a game changer in the photography industry today.

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What are your thoughts on the dual lenses on the 7 Plus? Is this a game changer? Did you pre-order the beast? Jet black, right? We’d love to hear your thoughts on what you think would be a game changer in the photo world. You can find us at Facebook and Twitter to keep the conversation flowing! As always, you can subscribe for free via iTunes or check us out via the Stitcher app!

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Links from the show:

With the iPhone 7, Apple Changed the Camera Industry Forever / via thenewyorker.com

Android + Leica Dual Lenses / via BBC.com

Apple – Introducing iPhone 7 / via Apple on YouTube

Apple September Event 2016 / via Apple on YouTube