The folks behind Photologo came up with a genius business plan. Instead of using logos on your photos, how about a manufactured signature? Looks cool, professional – but is it worth the price?

C is for Cookie

New body, cool updates and uh, older technology? You betcha. Oops, Canon did it again. The highly anticipated Canon 5D Mark IV has been announced and while it has left some folks singing their praises, there are just as many photographers who are left feeling … underwhelmed.

F is for Fooey

Fuji gave us another 23mm lens … this time it’s ƒ2 and looks like their original 35mm ƒ1.4. Hmmmm. Why you’re asking? Yeah, we don’t know either.

The Gloves Are Off

Nothing says the joy of podcasting like tying the knickers of your co-host up in a knot. An article about studying photography and how it’s a huge waste of time had Mac sitting in front of his microphone waiting for me to join in. Who knew this would lead to debating workshops and training and more.

Join the Convo

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