Episode 140 »» Keep on Clicking. And Rambling.

Rambling On

Ah, after a week of delays: injuries, home renos and Uncle Murphy, we are back with episode 140! We kept this puppy short and discuss a few topics fresh on our mind.

Switch to Manual…..Mirrorless

Our cousins down south had an amusing chat about the possibility of switching to mirrorless. Ah, we enjoyed listening to other podcasters have a good lighthearted debate! If you haven’t checked out their podcast, Street Shots, it’s most definitely worth listening to and subscribing!

F is for Failure

This is your photo shoot – you’re on your own time and this shoot is about feeding your photographic soul. Or so your hope. You have your vision, gear, accessories and everything you need for a successful shoot has been checked off the list, but the shoot doesn’t go as planned. Did you fail? Landscape photographer, Thomas Heaton, created a brilliant short film, There’s More to Landscape Photography. Many viewers have their own take on his message, but we came out of it with a strong message about passion and it made us think about how we perceive failure in photography. This film is a must see!

Episode 139 Follow-up

We quickly catch up to the last episode as we look at an example of work which might not be the reality we think it is at first glance. Thanks for the link, Antonio! We highly suggest you check out Jean Miele’s beautiful work!

Join the Convo

Do you have the new Sony mirrorless and have you had any issues with it as Mac discussed? What kind of support have you received from Sony? Have you made the switch to mirrorless or at least added such a body to your arsenal of gear? Was it the right move for you and do you have any suggestions for our cousin, Tom, from Street Shots? Maybe head on over to their site and offer some suggestions. What about failure in photography? What is your take on this and how do you feel about your shoots which do not work out as planned? Please chime in as we’d love to hear your thoughts! You can find us Bookface and Twitter! You can also subscribe free via iTunes and Stitcher.

Huge shout out for the interaction and comments and notes – it’s so appreciated!  We are starting to catch up with our replies. Thanks as always for tuning in!

Cheers, y’all!

Links from the show:

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