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Episode 138 »» Nobody Gives a Toss

Image by Antonio M. Rosario.

Ted Forbes from The Art of Photography stirred it up this past week with a YouTube video. He shared a conversation he had with a mate a couple years ago, who had felt there was no need for more photographers, nobody cares about his work, etc. Who knew this topic would create such a response. The sides are pretty much split down the middle, so of course Mac and I had to take to the mics to discuss this. We love a good head scratcher ourselves and invited our good pal and homie, Antonio from Switch to Manual, to join the chat. So many questions. Such as – do we need to only do good work with a purpose moving forward? Hmmm …

We also touch on the new Hasselblad camera, mobile storage and also serve up a huge plate of crow for Mac and I. *cough* Instagram. *cough* Please join us as we cover it all!

Thanks again to Antonio for coming on the show once again! We love having him on. Do yourselves a favour and check out his work! You won’t be disappointed.

Oh, and here is that Canada goose photo we talked about!


Image by Antonio M. Rosario.

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Thanks for tuning in, y’all!



Image by Antonio M. Rosario.








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