Episode 137 »» Fuji. Filters. Organization.

Lee. Filters. They’re Back?

We’ve talked about them in the past and seem to have a love/hate relationship with them. Could be the cost. Could be the lack of availability at times over the years. A wee search for the Little Stopper led us to a debate and well, here we are. Please join us as we filter through some topics (see what I did there?) for this show!

Olaf, Kasia and Mark

If you’re a fan of Fuji, fantastic landscape photographers or you know, incredible photography, Olaf has posted a blog full of gorgeous images from a highly coveted trip by landscape shooters to Palouse, WA. Definitely worth checking out! We also mention a couple books suggested by Mark as a follow-up to episode 136 by local photographer / master, George Webber! Cheers for the scoop, Mark!

Fuji and Mac

We have a few updates on the latest rumours swirling around. The X-T2 has been spotted in the wild and should be part of an announcement by the Fuji camp here shortly. Teleconverters cost a fortune. Mac has a new lens (lenses?). It’s just madness all around.

Curating Our Work

One of our listeners and great pal, Mark Rierson, has discussed on and off the show about the importance for curating / managing our work. He’s the inspiration behind our main topic as we chat about methods to do so, how important it is to back-up vs. printing, and essentially, who are we managing our online inventory for?

Join the Convo

How do you manage your work, on and offline? Digitally and physically? Do you have any tips to share? You can find us on Bookface and Twitter as well as this site. You can also subscribe for free via iTunes and Stitcher! We thank you all for the comments and interaction, friends. Taking your time out for us by listening to the show and chiming in is always welcomed and very much appreciated!

Thanks for the inspiration, Mark! Thanks to everyone for tuning in as always!

Cheers, y’all!

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