Episode 136 »» Maple Covered Wet Beavers?


If you’re a fan of Moose Peterson, you’ll want to check out his latest stop at The Grid. It’s 90 minutes of talking photography mixed with some laughter and inspiration, as well as a few business tips!

Douchebaggery Reversed 

Last week we talked about douchebag behaviour at Yellowstone. This week we mention an Fstoppers article and videos which show how Yellowstone should be done!

Viewing Photography As Art?

Another head-scratcher for you. Mac and I have been discussing the act of viewing photography as art … online and in person. With so many photos being posted at warped speed with every blink of the eyes, those lines of seeing photography as art vs. work from fellow photographers are becoming more blurred … at least they are for me. In order to stop me harassing him, Mac and I took to the mics to figure this one out. Do Mac and I end up on the same page – finally? Hmmm … please join us for this chat and find out!

Join the Convo

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Links from the show:

The Grid: 10 Things Photographers Should Stop Doing Now!

Six Photographers Reveal Yellowstone National Park Like Never Before / via Fstoppers

Photographing the Wild Wolves of Yellowstone / via NatGeo YouTube

Six Photographers Reveal Yellowstone Like You’ve Never Seen It / via NatGeo YouTube