Episode 133 »» Light, Landscapes & Leading Your Own Way

Podcast Juice

Olaf and Kasia (episode 129) dropped by Mac’s to deliver some podcast juice, which powers him to be able to do these podcasts with me. Ha.  Please make sure to check out their work and listen to episode 129!

Hey Fuji

Ahh, remember how bonkers we were over the X-Pro 2? Well, now the first leaked images of the anticipated Fuji X-T2 have now appeared. We also quickly chat about Fuji’s rumoured change to the 120mm macro lens – it’s going to be less than 100mm, but to what? Hmmm … Below is their most recent roadmap, which has not been updated since 2015 and includes the 120mm lens as originally planned.

Fuji x mount lens roadmap Feb 2015

The L Word

As the show title suggests, we discuss light, landscapes and leading your own way when it comes to your photography. That’s the key here – your photography. A few articles irked us (okay, me) and we decided to take to the mics to figure a few things out. I don’t think we were entirely successful, but can’t blame a couple of photographers / podcasters for trying, eh?

Join the convo

If you’re a Fuji shooter, do you have a preference as to what the replacement for the 120mm will be? When it comes to your photography – how important is chasing or finding the right light to you? How do you keep your on track and follow your heart instead of what others are telling you to do? You can keep the conversation flowing by joining us via Bookface (Mac) and on Twitter and of course, this blog. You can also subscribe for free via iTunes and Stitcher.

Thanks as always for tuning in and thanks again for making your way through this show – if you did, ha!

Cheers, y’all!


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Fuji X Mount Lens Roadmap » Updated February 2015