Join us as we discuss the importance of being well known for your photography to be considered art. We also chat about the WPP's code of ethics and more!

Codes and Stuff

World Press Photo, one of the better known prestigious annual photo contests, have recently implemented a code of ethics in the hopes to add some order to their contests and reputation. Join us as we update you on the latest from WPP.

Gotta Have Clout?

Controversy over the NPG Taylor Wessing photographic portrait 2015 winning image from David Stewart, Five Girls 2014, has sparked an interesting discussion online, so naturally we had to take to our mics and bring it to you. Please tune in as we beg the question inspired by a comment from one of the users on DP Review, when it comes to judging contests and / or appreciating art, does influence matter?

Hurry Up, Fuji

Many are anticipating the upcoming announcement and release of the XF100-400 lens. We briefly touch on the latest scoop.

Join the Convo

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Links from the show:

World Press Photo Code of Ethics / via PetaPixel

David Stewart’s Five Girls 2014 / via DPReview

NPG Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2015

Mexican Artist’s Substance Project / via Free Republic  (sigh)

David Stewart Photography 

Fuji XF 100-400 Rumours / via Fuji Rumors