Episode 114 »» Shutter Time Gear Dreams, The now retired Pacific Western Airlines (PWA)  Boeing 737-200 C-GIPW (Fleet #745) now rests at Villeneuve Airport, outside of Edmonton, during a late spring morning in June 2015, having flown for the last time on November 29th, 2013. The 737 will be part of the upcoming Alberta Flying Heritage Museum at Villeneuve Airport. Sidney Blake Photography. No. 2400.

Dream Dream Dream

After finding out I need to make some gear choices, we’ve been discussing gear of late and decided to take to the mics and have a good ol’ fashioned gear chat. Old gear. Used gear. New gear. And non-existent gear alike … what is our dream gear and what would we like to see in the industry today? We cover bodies, lenses (sort of), and camera bags to start with.

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What is your satisfaction level with your gear? Are you wanting to upgrade or change your current lineup? Do you see the value of used gear vs. new? What would you like to see in the industry today – what is your dream camera body and does it even exist? Please chime in with your gear thoughts and wants and needs. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter  Of course you can find and subscribe to the show for free via iTunes. If you have the Stitcher App, we’re there as well!

Thanks so much for tuning in and all the great feedback. Much appreciated! Shoutout to Chris for the great email and ideas!

Cheers, y’all!