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Plans A-C

Sometimes a running a podcast means techie glitches appear. We here lovingly refer to them as Uncle Murphy and his law. After several attempts at recording this show over a span of a few days, with and without our invited guest and then a 150 hour ban from WordPress, we are here! So please sit back and join us for Plan D of this show, sans invited guest (he’s coming back later!).

Adobe Stuff

At the time of recording, the rampant Lightroom 6 rumours had finally died down, but Adobe made sure to keep their name on the minds of photographers by releasing the update, ACR 8.8. Check it out to see if your bodies and glass are now supported!

Tasty Treats

A couple of new treats have popped up over the last few months. If you are a fan of Lightroom, the Kelby crew, Scott Bourne or Fujifilm X systems, you’re going to want to listen and learn which new sites / shows are garnering a lot of attention from photographers.


Part of having an online presence is constantly updating your site whenever possible. The Google Gods decided to round us up like cattle to see who was sporting a mobile friendly site. Be warned, you have until April 21st, 2015 for your site to be mobile friendly compliant, or you will be forced in Google Jail and punished for making your viewers sit at their desk and look at your site on a ….regular computer. Say it isn’t so – the horror! You can check out to see if you are mobile friendly here!

Another part of branding your business or your fancy self is having a logo. We discuss one of the more popular options these days being used by many businesses, not just photographers.

Getting the Hell out of Dodge

Since our guest was unable to attend our third attempt of recording on day three, we decided to switch up the topics and discuss travel prep to places where we have yet to travel where the main purpose is a photo-related trek. In this case, Mac shares the tips and tricks for being well prepped for his upcoming trip to Iceland.

Hella Expense Squeaky Toy

Once again totally pasting this from the last 2 episodes, ha ha: One of our Shutter Time pals, Darcy Evans, a local photographer specializing in pet photography is raising funds to cover the surgery costs for his puppychow, Samantha. He is offering limited edition prints of a shoot he did inspired by the well known Coolidge paintings(dogs playing poker)! Check out his YouTube video showing the behind the scenes of this shoot. Wishing Samantha a speedy recovery!

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Links from the show:

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