Episode 104 »» 100 Strangers Project w/ Mark Reierson, Ben, 100 Strangers Project w/ Mark ReiersonMarky Mark & The Funky Bunch

Shutter Time mate and fellow Albertan, Mark Reierson, joined us for a chat about his 100 Strangers Project. He shares with us the challenges of taking on such a project, the rewards and what lessons he has learned. He also discusses the true power of a photograph – something he recently discovered after photographing one of his downtown Calgary strangers. We also convinced Mark to let us in on a student’s perspective from The Arcanum, Trey Ratcliff’s Magical Academy of Artistic Mastery (their words, not mine!). Kick back and have a listen as we listen to this hella charming photographer! All photos on this post are courtesy of Mark Reierson!

Episode 104 »» 100 Strangers Project w/ Mark Reierson Episode 104 »» 100 Strangers Project w/ Mark Reierson

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Fuji Rant

Yes, it happens…sometimes they’re not everything we make them out to be. Fujifilm North America has rolled out a new rental program for their X Series gear. But silly Canadians, don’t be getting all excited, because two Fuji employees made sure to let me know Canada does their own thing and has no part of North America. Hurt bunny feelings aside, it sounds like a great program if you’re American!

Hella Expense Squeaky Toy

Totally pasting this from the last episode, ha: One of our Shutter Time pals, Darcy Evans, a local photographer specializing in pet photography is raising funds to cover the surgery costs for his puppychow, Samantha. He is offering limited edition prints of a shoot he did inspired by the well known Coolidge paintings(dogs playing poker)! Check out his YouTube video showing the behind the scenes of this shoot. Wishing Samantha a speedy recovery!

Join the Convo

We’d love to hear your thoughts on street portraits vs. street candids and if you’ve done either or both? Which kind of you prefer? Do you have any street tips for our listeners? If so, please share the wealth! What are your thoughts on online paid critique platforms such as The Arcanum? Chime in on our site, FacebookGoogle Plus or Twitter and let us know what you think! As always you can listen to us via iTunes, where you can subscribe for free. If you have the Stitcher app, you can check us out there as well.

Thanks so much for joining us on the show, Mark! Make sure to check out his work! Thanks for tuning in, folks!

Cheers, y’all!

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