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Photographers Helping Photographers

One of our Shutter Time pals, Darcy Evans, a local photographer specializing in pet photography is raising funds to cover the surgery costs for his puppychow, Samantha. He is offering limited edition prints of a shoot he did inspired by the well known Coolidge paintings (dogs playing poker)! Check out his YouTube video showing the behind the scenes of this shoot. Wishing Samantha a speedy recovery!

Keep on Truckin’

We sit down with one of our newer listeners, Steve Graham, and chat about all things photography. He gets down to business and dishes his experience on workshops (in person and online), podcasts and other online formats, which well known photographer he truly relates with, his struggles and hopes with his craft and more! Not gonna lie, folks – it’s a long chat, but it’s good because it’s completely genuine and comes from someone who is not only engaging, but has obvious passion for his craft. Well worth the listen, I say!

Poet, Actor, Director, Songwriter, Vulcan and Photographer

The world lost a wonderful photographer this week, Leonard Nimoy. Most knew him as an actor, but in addition to other forms of creativity, he was also an established and talented photographer.  If you haven’t already, make sure to check out his work. Scott Bourne also posted a tribute to Nimoy on Photofocus, also worth a read.

Join the Convo

What will be your best memories of Leonard Nimoy? We’d love to hear them! What are your thoughts on workshops, in person or online? Any experiences you’d like to share? Send us a tweet, drop us a note on this blog or visit us at Bookface or Google Plus (right? right?). You can also subscribe for free via iTunes and Stitcher! Thanks so much for coming on the show and hanging out with us, Steve! We hope to see you back on the show in 6 months!

Thanks as always for tuning in!

In the words of the magnanimous Mr. Nimoy, live long and prosper.


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