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In November 2014, Fujilfilm had announced two X-mount extension tubes for your macro pleasure. Word on the street is these accessories are now available for purchase. The good folks at have released their favourite gadgets list for 2014 and the Fuji X-T1 made the list for top camera of 2014. Check out the rest of the list here!

TIME, You’re Drunk

Like many other top 10 lists floating around, TIME came up with the ten most influential photographs of 2014. The list not only appears to be compiled of mainly average photos based on the photos themselves, but when attached to the detailed text describing the story, suddenly the photo gains a bit more merit. Is this really what makes an influential photograph? Join us as we try to make our way through this tough topic.

Join the Convo

We’d love to know what you not only think about Time’s Top 10 photos of 2014, but what you also think defines an influential photograph? Should we as photographers reply on the accompanying text to help share our story? Does this list from TIME devalue photography in your eyes (go ahead and just tweet to me, Sid, you’re overreacting, ha!). Do you have any plans for 2015 with your photography? Are resolutions important to you, especially those related to making images? You can find us at Bookface, Twitter, Google Plus, and of course you can subscribe for free via iTunes! You can also listen to us via the Stitcher App!

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