Shutter Time With Sid and Mac, episode 90, Please join us for episode 90 as we cover some news from Dropbox, 500px, and dish on a couple of photo blogs from Matt Kloskowski and Jake Peterson!We are covering it all tonight, folks …

Accept It, Eh?

Matt Kloskowski penned a great article that gives us the number one not-so hidden secret to photographing amazing landscapes. It’s simple as pie, and he’s spot on. Tune in as we chat about his post!

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Check out some great comments from Michael Van der Tol and Robert Coffey on our blog and G+. I loved these comments and thought they needed to be shared. Thanks, chaps!

Flickr’s Twin?

Ah, first 500px came out with licensing, which garnered a mix reaction, and now they have taken a page from the folks at Flickr and have whipped up groups and discussions. Does such a service really belong on a site such as 500px? It’s in beta testing right now, so if you’re on 500px, take a look.

Dropbox, Yo!

The good folks at Dropbox gave their pro users a big upgrade when it comes to storage. We quickly break it down. Make sure to check out the different plans they offer if you’re not already a user.

It’s Your Blog, Right?

Jake Peterson wrote a short, but interesting piece about what should be included in your blog. This may not have been the purpose of his post, but it got us thinking — if we are using a site for our business, what kind of posts and images should make the blog? Do you include and blog about your mistakes or only have the best of the best on there. How can you show growth and discuss lessons with only top notch work being posted on the blog? Is this even necessary?

Join the Convo

We’d love to hear thoughts on the show! If you made it through our mixed bag of nuts and rambles, high five, eh? What do you think about the changes at 500px? How important is it to live near your target locations, be it landscapes, wildlife, etc.? Do you have any photo blog rules yourself? Btw, if you haven’t done so yet, please check out episode 78 with Jake Peterson! You can also check us out at Bookface, Twitter, Google Plus and of course, you can find us on iTunes and the Stitcher app!

Thanks as always for tuning in! Mucho appreciated.

Cheers, y’all!

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