Episode 88 »» Are You A Photographer?, shutter time with sid and mac podcast, Join us as we take a stab at defining photographers, inspired by an article @ oopoomoo. We also cover the Lens Rental Canada news, insurance woes & more!

No More Renting Lenses, Eh?

So Lens Rentals Canada is done.  The only big Canadian lens rental company goes away..far away.  Yep… no more, at least for now. I think we also lost any potential sponsorship for Borrow Lenses…. I guess I will never figure out when to shut up 🙂  Here is the news via PetaPixel…. Lens Rentals in Canada

Insurance Woes

Sid gets an interesting news about her gear insurance and she is looking for some tips.  It sounds like her whole set-up went way down south.  Any suggestions and ideas are welcome!

Sensor Stuff

We take a moment or two to bring up the amusing video by Zack Arias on sensor size. He definitely gets the job done with a good dose of humour.

Defining Photographers

Well I sort of go off the deep end discussing this with Sid.  The article by our Alberta friends at oopoomoo sparked something in us and I vehemently disagree… that’s all that can be said about that. Have a listen as Sid and I try to figure this one out.

Join the Convo

We’d love to hear what your thoughts are on these topics! What do you think a photographer is? Someone learning and working on their craft, a master at their craft or someone who picks up a camera? Has it always been this way? Thanks to oopoomoo for giving us all something to think about! If you rent from Lens Rentals Canada, what is your plan B now? Keep joining in and head to our Facebook, Twitter and G+ to keep the conversation flowing! As always, you can subscribe for free via iTunes!

Thanks for tuning in.


Links from the Show:

Lens Rentals Canada /via PetaPixel.com

Zack Arias Sensor Debunking /via fstoppers

Oopoomoo – What makes a Photographers a Photographer? / via Oopoomoo