Shutter Time with Sid and Mac podcast. Episode 86 »» Blood, Sweat and Tears? We discuss the blood, sweat and tears it take for photographers to make the image. We also chat about Aperture's death, iPhoto and more! Oh, Apple.

Apple has sent the well known Aperture software and iPhotos to the slaughterhouse … we discuss their demise and what this means for photographers currently using these programs. We also chat about newly announced features for the OS X Photos!

Going the Extra Mile?

An article from Matt Kloskowski sparked our discussion on how far are we willing to go as photographers to make the image. Matt has a great story on how he photographed one of his target locations and the effort and planning it took to make it all happen. We then take it to the extreme of going the extra mile…or make that 100 miles…to make the image. Of course, we’re taking about a well known news story from 2010 where a wildlife photographer took steps most of us would never dream of. Please have a listen as we discuss these interesting and impressive stories.

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