Before we dive in the topic of finding your photography backbone, we cover a few things on our minds … 

Shutter Time with Sid and Mac podcast, Episode 85 »» Your Photography Backbone, Join us on the show as we chat about the importance of finding your photography backbone, street photography, free photography magazines, and more!

Creative Cloud

Ah, Adobe has released a major update to their Creative Cloud goodness and in doing so, have made many photographers happy, but also frustrated a number of photographers. We briefly discuss one of the main issues. To check out all the updates in detail, please check out the links for Adobe and PetaPixel below!

F is for FREE Magazines

LEE Filter and Fuji have both released free PDF magazine, Xposure and X Magazine, respectively. You can download the free magazines from the show notes below! Make sure to check them out!

F is also for Filters

Oh, LEE. Once again, they are really testing my masochistic side (as Mac calls it) by making filter life a tad difficult in Canada. I’m also talking to you, Tiffen and b+w. Please have a listen as we discuss our Canuck filter woes.

Wasted Opportunities

Mac recently suffered from the feared shooters syndrome we’ve probably all experienced and he let an opportunity go by … Join us as we hear exactly what he feared, why and more importantly, how we as photographers can squash those fears and make the image happen. We mainly focus this topic around street photography / candids.

Bits ‘n Bites

What do you think about the Creative Cloud update? Do y’all use filters anymore? Surely I’m not the only one, haha! Have you experienced a moment where your photography backbone is missing and you’ve allowed a photographic moment or opportunity to pass you by? Please tell us about it. How do you maintain your confidence in yourself and your work?

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